Knock Knock

Were you expecting a joke?! Oh shoot… Ok… We don’t want to let you down right off the bat! So…hmmm…

Who’s there?


Paint who?

Hey, paint you an interior decorator?

Eh? Eh? Should we apologize or bow?

Now that we got that out of the way, that ‘knock knock’ was actually us knocking on your front door to introduce ourselves, step in, take off our shoes, and create beautiful stress-free spaces in your home!

We are interior decorators, professional organizers, and stagers in Calgary. We are also real estate marketers creating targeted personal brands for high-end real estate that promote and sell your home faster. Paired with our interior staging, you’re guaranteed to get top dollar for your sellers.

Lastly, we specialize in designing, staging, and marketing short term investment & rental properties – ask us how!



Oh hey there!

It is nice to ‘meet’ you. I know websites are not quite like a good solid handshake and a laugh, but hopefully our little bios will get our foot in the door (your home’s front door to be exact) so that we CAN have a handshake and a laugh (and if you are huggers we are huggers too). 

Sarah is a certified interior decorator, home stager, and marketing professional. She views interior design from a marketing perspective in which her clients are the ‘target audience’ that the spaces must ultimately ‘wow’. She draws her inspiration from nature and is not afraid of texture and colour. While her favourite ‘colours’ are white and grey, she specializes in incorporating peoples cherished souvenirs and funky decor, no matter how colourful, flawlessly into a design – because a house is not a home without these personal items.

Sarah is an avid traveler and has stayed in well over 100 airbnb’s in the last 10 years, all across the world. This has given her huge insight into what gets clicked, what gets booked, and what earns those coveted 5 star ratings.

For fun, Sarah flips home decor – scouring every garage sale and thrift shop she drives by for great finds, upcycling them, and reselling them. She also enjoys consigning small furniture and decor for clients.


Megan Wall

Megan Wall


Megan is a senior graphic designer with over 5 years of experience in real estate marketing. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication Design from the Alberta University of Arts and has since worked in advertising agencies as the lead designer, as well as owned her own graphic design business.

Julia McDonald

Julia McDonald

Indoor Plant Consultant

Let’s start with this – Julia’s first ever orchid is blooming for the 4th time in 5 years. That’s not a miracle, that is a green thumb. She helps clients grow everything from ferns and tropicals, to succulents and cacti, and even aquatic plants. She enjoys pairing the perfect plant to its perfect pot, substrate and home. With her aptitude for greenery and vast indoor plant knowledge, she helps people choose the appropriate plants for their homes. No matter your lifestyle or window size, be- leaf her when she says there’s a plant for every space.

Angelo Stemili

Angelo Stemili


Angie has been doing renovations for over 20 years. Through his own small business he worked on major renovation projects for commercial and residential spaces. He also worked in landscaping and ran a bobcat for 35 years. Now, partially retired, he enjoys keeping busy helping homeowners complete tasks and projects around the house, from changing out fixtures to building bay window benches.

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