1 Week Complete: Whole House Organization

There are a number of reasons a house accumulates clutter: two people moving in together, a growing family with no time to catch up, or years worth of accumulation.

Regardless of how it got there, you need someone to come in and tap a magic wand and POOF:

  • your house is fully decluttered
  • there is an organization system that rivals that of any OCD Pinterest board
  • and the house actually looks like it is loved rather than forgotten.

… Heck, maybe you’d even take pictures and share them with pride on social media!

Well, we do not have a magic wand – but the rest is not far off.

When you hire us for a ‘1 Week Complete: Whole House’ service we do everything for you, right down to sourcing and picking up the storage pieces (boxes, containers, etc.).


So… POOF! You have a house that is fully decluttered, there is an organization system that rivals that of any OCD Pinterest board, and your HOME actually looks like it is loved rather than forgotten. All without lifting a finger.


– Initial Consultation: $100 

The Decluttering & Organizing Process

1. All projects start with a detailed organization strategy so we have a custom roadmap to get in and get out in 1-weeks time. This plan dives deep into the functionality of your drawers, cupboards, and closets, as well as the shelving design and even traffic flow of open spaces (which can cause a home to feel cluttered).

2. Using this information we work with you to purge with a focus on functionality. This is the only hands-on portion you will need to be a part of (and you CAN just point to things and say ‘keep, donate, store, sell, recycle/garbage’).

3. We take everything you have decided to “keep” and “store” and organize it in new ways
throughout the home to create a sustainable stress-free environment.
(note: this includes more boxes within boxes than you’d expect)

4. BONUS: We want you to be inspired in your new space and so will style it with your best “keep” items to showcase them in their best light.

5. It’s reveal time! We do a walkthrough with the whole family so everyone knows ‘where it goes’ and you’ll never have to be asked again!
(now that is the ultimate selling point!)


  • Systemization Strategy & Pinterest board
  • Storage & bin solution shopping
  • Two organizing professionals
  • Daily Hands-on implementation (4-6 hours, 5 days/week)
  • Final styling (with existing decor)
  • Sustainable Habits Coaching ($150 value)
  • Consignment (50/50) & Donation Service (Free)

Price: $5500