Your client is ready to sell and upon hearing your estimate for their resale value, they are interested in hearing ways to improve that (or maybe you took a look at their house and saw that there was a huge need for a design consultation before the photographers are booked).

Of course, without major structural changes it is unlikely that the value will increase exponentially, but with a few cosmetic upgrades and some advice on how to prep the home for photos and showings (declutter, pack, stage) you will be able to attract more targeted buyers who are willing to pay more for a finished product, and sell quicker!

Helloooooo multiple offer situation!

We have a keen design eye for what sells and love to help realtors and photographers coach clients on what needs to be done to get their home sale-ready. Often, clients do not understand why their way of living is not ‘sellable’ – but ‘lived in’ and ‘see myself living in’ are a huge distinction that needs to be made.

Our one hour (up to one and a half hour) onsite design consultations allow us to give our professional opinion on what needs to be packed up, what needs to be torn out, and what needs to be featured. We work with your clients to see the best potential in their space and create a task list of what needs to be done so that potential buyers walk in and see their dream home – not a cluttered, outdated project.

Let’s discuss how to UNSHELF the home’s potential and help your clients get the best resale value!

* Follow up report: additional cost of $75


  • $100 for 30 minutes onsite
  • $175 for 1 hour onsite