Onsite Design Consultation: Purchases & Flips

When you and your clients have shortlisted a few properties to go back to, especially in regards to houses that are intended for income properties or flips, it often comes down to what can be done to transform the space.

Having an onsite interior decorator visit the listings as part of the second (or third) showing is a huge asset in helping your clients narrow down their options and go over some of the specs that make the house a good fit which may result in a quicker sale.

We see the potential your client is searching for. And we know when to walk away (except for in poker… #whatpokerface)

For our onsite design consultations we meet you at each location (or can carpool with you and clients if preferred) and do a thorough walkthrough of the property to discuss what changes could be made cosmetically to improve its potential.

Each visit can be up to 1.5 hours, giving us ample time to overview the pros and cons of the location. Our goal is for your client to feel they have a good idea of the possibilities and the money that can be made, with your help (#teamworkmakesthedreamwork).

Please note: We are not certified structural interior designers or contractors or architects, the suggestions that we make are purely cosmetic and due diligence would need to be done with the appropriate specialists for structural changes.

Initial Consultation (1-1.5 hrs): $175

Additional Locations: $150

**Loyalty prices available for realtors.


  • 1-1.5 hr onsite design consultation at potential purchase location
  • No follow up summary report included