Organizing Sessions

Sometimes you just need someone to come in and help you tame the overwhelm. Someone to roll up their sleeves and go through each shirt in that over-stuffed dresser, every random packet of ‘sauce’ hidden in the pantry, and those…

“what even is that?”

…items tucked away in the junk drawer (emphasis on ‘junk’).


What you really need is an expert who can help you declutter and then put everything BACK in a way that actually retains organization and gives new life to the items that you have opted to keep.

There are certain rooms in your home that you just can’t tackle. Those doors that you close and ignore until you need something, or those spaces that you’ve just considered to be completely hopeless (like the kids play area).


There are three reasons a room isn’t coming together for you:

  1. There is too much stuff for the space
  2. There aren’t enough organization tools being used
  3. The space is not properly defined for the activities it serves.


It starts with an organization strategy that clearly defines the zones for space and activities, and targets the sustainable systems that can be used to create a zone that reduces stress. We help you source and even shop for the storage systems required to create this space, and then implement the strategy right along with you.


Open the door to that long lost ‘guest room/workout room/home office/room of shame’ and let’s get your space back!


Initial Consultation: $100


  • 3-hour decluttering and organizing sessions onsite
  • Room systemization strategy + Pinterest Board
  • Sustainable organizing coaching 

*One room may require multiple sessions to complete.