Your clients have lived in and loved their house for years… and it shows.

Times change and tastes change and you know that the value of their home will be offset by how much the potential buyer wants to put in to make it their own. And it could be that the house looks too outdated and simply not ‘turnkey’ enough for a quick sale or for the best resale value.

A few cosmetic upgrades will go a long way when it comes to getting more for their house. 

And not the ‘lipstick on a pig’ kind of upgrades – never those.

We believe that mose houses need to be ‘optimized’ before being put on the market. We consider this ‘house optimization’ a type of physical marketing. You can do everything you can to get people in the door, including creating a beautiful brand for the house that fills your private showing agendas, but when they get there… if they are less than impressed… it is a waste of everyone’s time.

1. We do an overview of the house with you and decide where the best bang for your client’s buck rests, and which upgrades will make the biggest impact on a potential sale.

2. We create a ‘look book‘ for you and your client to approve that is targeted¬†specifically to the ideal buyer (read: target audience). While it is important to follow the trends and make sure it is neutral enough for buyers to see themselves in a space, ‘white walls’ and ‘neutral’ designs are not doing anyone any favours when it comes to getting the most money for the sale. When targeted, the right buyers will come in and will be willing to spend more because their dream is already a reality


3. We work with your client to declutter and pack any excess they have in the house – whatever does not fit the end result goals and that they won’t need to use frequently while the house is for sale.

4. We bring in the people we need to fulfill the redesign, from painters and wallpaper installers, to handymen, and update the areas most in need.

5. We optimize the placement of the remaining furniture and stage and decorate the home so it is ready for it’s first showing.


  • Cosmetic redesign & upgrades
  • Furniture placement optimization
  • Decluttering & packing excess
  • Staging & Decorating with existing decor/furniture
  • Look book included (use for marketing)


  • Consignment & Donation Service