Ah real estate… We just LOVE it. If everyone and their dog wasn’t becoming a realtor right now we might consider it. But instead, we are going to do the next best thing and HELP realtors stand out in that crater sized pool of competitors.

Our background is marketing. It is why we approach our interior design as a marketing project targeting the specific person that will love it (whether that be the homeowner or the potential buyer in a sale).

Marketing is the story you tell about a house to engage your target audience. Whether that be through digital and traditional promotion or the in-person experience!

Let me clarify that first paragraph a bit. As much as we LOVE marketing for real estate, the marketing specific to you as a realtor (your own social media, website, branding, etc.) is done through our friends at Jumping Elephant. At Unshelf Design we specialize in branding and marketing your LISTINGS. Yes, those high-end homes that need more than the standard brokerage templates to impress your clients and actually SELL.  

But marketing is not just the promotion of a house. No! When people walk into the house the need it to FEEL like a home. But we are preaching to the choir here. So, in order to help your clients do their part in the selling of their home, we are also offering you a number of services that will help get that home ready for the sale – and sell faster!

PLUS – We offer a number of interior decorating and staging and consultation support for your clients. I want to give you a kickback for being a referral on your roster for clients. Give me a call and let’s discuss some options 🙂

Check it out!