Similar to our ‘Whole House Redesign’ service, the Zones & Spaces Redesign is a full-service personal interior decorator experience for those who have just moved into a new house, want to fall in love with their existing home, or are just looking for a refresh in a few lacklustre rooms.


This service focuses on the house in zones and creates dream spaces room by room, rather than as a whole house. You get all the perks of a full redesign (product discounts, service discounts, custom pieces, unique finds, and designer-exclusive products) with the flexibility to focus on one zone (room) at a time. 

Note: We recommend booking multiple rooms at a time as this allows us to work with a bigger picture and saves you money.


Some of what you can expect from a Zone & Space Redesign:

  • Redesign to improve flow and function within the room
  • Sourcing, selection, and installation: Wall/ceiling colour, wall coverings, window coverings, flooring, fixtures, furniture, soft textiles, decor/accessories
  • Construction and project management for the small cosmetic projects that may be required to improve each zone
  • Shopping for you or right along with you at the stores/online
  • Product Management: Tracking products, ensuring delivery to your home, and unpacking and disposal of packing materials
  • Art consultation, including art collection and display sourcing

    With the Zone & Spaces Redesign, you choose how involved you want to be. It is the perfect balance between our ‘Designer for a Day’ service and the ‘2-Day Room Makeover.’ This design service gives us the time and flexibility to work together to create rooms that truly spark joy for you, gives you that VIP design experience, involves you in all the fun parts, shields you from the less-fun parts, and welcomes you to reap the benefits of full support.


    Initial Consultation: $125


    • Strategy & Space planning
    • Material sourcing
    • Interior design & Renovation management (cosmetic)
    • Shopping
    • Decorating
    • Final reveal