Seasonal / Special Occasion Styling

Close your eyes. Put yourself in the moment of your upcoming holiday or special occasion. Do you feel that excitement and warm fuzzy feeling? It’s that feeling we try to replicate in the spaces around us as we look forward to the holidays or put hours into planning an event. Surrounding ourselves with that joy inspires us to keep living in that amazing feeling, and we could all use a little more joy.

We will capture that joy and create a wonderland experience in your home. Whether you want a dedicated room or a whole house immersion, there won’t be any question what you’re celebrating.

Pop the champagne!

And when it is all over? We can come back and help you pack it all away for the next season, holiday, or special occasion.

*Consignment and donation options available for free

Initial Consultation: $125


  • Styling rooms for holidays or events
  • Shopping for holiday/event decor