Your client called. They want to sell their house and they want to start looking for a new one right away. HERE WE GO! You head over to their place to talk price and… yikes! This place is NOT ready for photos and it is very clear that they need help.

The client is not interested in doing any renovations or upgrades so the staging has to be top notch. 

When someone has lived in a house for a long time they get very used to seeing it as it is and being ok with that. Their stuff may not seem like clutter to them, but you know that there is far too much of it to aid in a quick sale. And there has to be a better way to arrange the furniture so it is more visually welcoming.


First and foremost, we need to help your client declutter and pack up any excess decor and… ‘stuff… that they have around. Not only will this make moving quicker and easier when the time comes, but it will leave some breathing room for the potential buyers when they walk in.

Then we need to arrange the furniture in a way that looks the best for the space. Sure… your client might have gotten used to walking around the sofa when she came into the room, but potential buyers are going to see a closed off space that doesn’t work with their furniture. So we will optimize that.

And lastly we will take the really nice decor pieces that they do have and stage the home. This cuts down on staging costs because you won’t have to rent anything, and make it so that you can prepare for a quick sale without the additional wait times of staging crews and planning.


 DIY Clients?

For more price sensitive or DIY-driven clients, we also offer a DIY staging strategy that they can implement themselves to get their house ready for sale.

Realtor special pricing: $225 (save $50)



  • Furniture placement optimization
  • Decluttering & packing excess
  • Staging & Decorating with existing decor/furniture


  • Consignment & Donation Service