Whole House Organization Support

You know your ‘stuff’ better than anyone. Even if you’re not exactly sure what you have
(because let’s be honest, you have not seen the back of that closet in years), you know what you need. The real kicker is that most people have what they need, they just forgot they had it! 

When you look at your whole house it can be easy to become overwhelmed with where to start and where to focus your energy. When you think about it, you’ve never really been shown how to tackle a project like this. Most people have not. So of course, we follow a process to make that huge task seem bite-sized, because…

‘How do you eat an elephant?’ – ‘One bite at a time!’

Is your anxiety still rising? Don’t let it! There is a very easy solution that will get your house in order and actually teach you how to keep it in order. You don’t have to try to decipher it all alone and you certainly don’t need to DO it all alone.


After working with us you’ll have a clean slate, your whole family will know where everything goes, and you will be able to find everything you need when you need it – imagine that!


Initial Consultation: $100


In the end, that was a really long way of saying:

  1. We come in, roll up our sleeves, and get stuff done together
    2. We show you a proven method for sustainable organization
    3. We leave you shortly to let you accomplish amazing things
    4. We check in for support
    5. (Repeat 6x)

The result? A perfectly organized, spacious, relaxing home that stays that way.


6-week program


  • Systemization Strategy & Pinterest board
  • 1x onsite per week hands-on implementation (3 hours)
  • 2x check-ins per week (text/email)
  • Storage strategies and sourcing storage pieces
  • Sustainable Habits Coaching ($150 value)
  • Consignment & Donation Service (free!)

Price: $1950