Two-Day Room Makeover

Do you have a guest bedroom that is just ‘blah’, or maybe that home office needs an overhaul to respark the creativity you need to choose working there over the couch? 

Our 2-day designers-choice makeover is the perfect solution for a whole new lease on life when it comes to re-casting those co-star rooms in your home. In just two days we will be in to make magic happen and out without a trace (oh, except for the picture-perfect room we leave behind). 


How it works:

  1. We create a design strategy with complete creative freedom 
    (based on a questionnaire you fill out for your needs and desires in the room) 
  2. We shop your room for furniture and decor that we can repurpose 
  3. You pack up everything we will not be using for the room 
  4. We work within your budget to source all of the new furniture and decor 
  5. We hire necessary contractors for design implementation, as needed 
    (ex: wallpaper installers, painters, handymen)
  6. When all of the new furniture, decor, wallpaper, and paint arrives… the timer starts!

7. DAY 1: Painting and wallpaper and any minor construction required


8. DAY 2: Furniture moved into room and assembled, and overall room styling


9. End of day 2: Reveal!

This fun get-er-done room makeover is a no-stress, design-forward way to bring rooms back to life and have a little creative surprise to look forward to!

Initial Consultation: $125


  • Design Strategy (Creative freedom)
  • Shopping for furniture / decor
  • Sourcing contractors
  • Design Implementation
  • No revisions