Aging Parent Downsizing Prep

It is an impossible situation to downsize an aging parent, especially when they are no longer able to help you. Not only can it be physically overwhelming (because yes they still have newspapers from the year you were born), but it can be emotionally challenging to face the reality of what is happening.

We want to encourage people to create positive memories out of this trying time. Rather than putting this task off until you’re in a bad way, we work with families to prepare for downsizing while the family can all be together and create a positive experience out of it.


Sit around, hear stories about your parents lives and the objects that tie into them, and learn the history behind some of the more important pieces.

Did you know that clock is an heirloom passed down from your third great grandmother?

Oh! That vase, although beautiful, was actually just a recent garage sale purchase! 

Find out what is valuable, memorable, or can be donated now (or later) to make downsizing easier when the time comes.

– Initial Consultation: $175

Packing/Organizing: $80/hr



  • Downsizing Strategy
  • Sorting & Packing
  • Personal Value Notes (no appraisals)


    – Consignment & Donation Service (free)