LOOK BOOK (Mood Board)

Let’s be honest, everyone searches “#Designinspo” on instagram, or “{room} design inspiration” on google and pinterest in the hopes of finally nailing down their look. But until that ‘inspo’ can be completely customized for your space, with your style, and utilizing some of your existing decor, it won’t really be implementable.

So let’s whip you up a custom Look Book that actually works for your room – colours, patterns, and decor ideas included!

Example Look Books:

Initial consultation: $325

Look Book: $99 per room


  • 1-page custom ‘mood board’ for visual design guide

If you need someone to help with interior decorating, Sarah is your girl! She is extremely professional, timely and extremely good at what she does. She takes the time to get to know you and your personal tastes and preferences, and always ensures you are happy with the final product. What really stood out to me was how clearly passionate she is for decorating – it just like oozes out of her and her excitement and creative energy is infectious!

I hired her to prepare a few mood boards as I get totally overwhelmed trying to pick stuff on my own/going on Pinterest, it was worth every penny to get this off my plate and hand it over to a professional. Her vision/mood boards have totally determined how we are doing our home renovations and how we plan to decorate afterward. I am soooo excited to incorporate everything she has created for us, I find myself just opening up my mood boards and feeling happy/excited about how it will all come together. She somehow perfectly encapsulated my personality, preferences, all while maintaining form and function for raising a toddler. She captured my “essence”, and I guarantee she will do the same for you! Only good things to say about Unshelf Design!

Michelle Vrbik


We call it a blueprint because it is a complete strategy laid out for you to follow.

The design blueprint (or design board) builds on our ‘Look Book’ by taking that initial inspiration and mapping out exactly what you need to bring it to life. Rather than just giving you customized inspirational ideas that would work in your room, we actually source everything you need to make it happen through retail sources!

Our design blueprint is a catalogue for your home with the exact wallpaper, paint colour, and furniture, and lighting (including direct ‘shop’ links) to make decorating your home easy.
*Note that finishing selections such as tile, flooring, quartz, etc are not included. If a larger renovation is what you are looking for, see our ‘renovations selections consultation package‘ or full ‘interior design‘ services.

Short of creating the space for you, this design plan is as close as it comes to a personalized and professionally designed room!

Initial Consultation: $250

Design Blueprint: $500 per room (after $99 lookbook)


  • Customized decorating plan
  • Product sourcing
  • Shopping list with links


  • Floor plan/furniture layout (based off your measurements) – $200 per room