Looking for professional recommendations on interior styling or interior decorating? Or interior design guidance for a renovation project you are tackling yourself? Our DIY Design Consultation or Renovation Selections Consultation Package will help you get started creating a home that functions for your family, impresses your friends, and hugs you when you walk in!

Looking to work together more closely for the duration of your project (you do not want to DIY this redesign), please click here to book our standard Design Consultation as the first step of our Interior Design services.

DIY Design Consultation

Our DIY Design Consultation is an information-packed two hours of professional interior design and decorating recommendations for your home or office space. During the consultation we will look at the spaces you need improved and offer on-the-spot design recommendations. We don’t hold anything back!

Bring a notebook!

You can ask us anything and we will cover as many areas as possible in this 2 hour appointment. We’ll be sharing thoughts on everything from paint colours to furniture layouts, or whatever problem areas you need the most support with.  

DIY Consultations are great for those who are looking to tackle their design project themselves, but need a bit of inspiration and guidance on the design to get started in the right direction.


DIY Design Consultation: $325


  • 2-hour onsite consultation
  • Walkthrough and customized advice for interior design and decorating
  • Any drawings/notes we take during the consultation
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If you are looking for additional support from us beyond the Consultation (you do not plan to DIY this redesign), please click here to book our standard Design Consultation. The consultation fee is the same for both. The difference is that during a standard Design Consultation we save time to discuss options to work together. If a DIY consultation is booked and you decide you want to work with us further, an additional meeting will need to be booked for a fee.

Renovation Selections Consultation Package
(residential only)

Renovations are filled with hundreds of small decisions (from tile material to colour to shape to texture to size… Then there is tile layout and pattern, not to mention grout colour… for example) and decision fatique is no joke! If you are tackling your renovation without a designer (no judgement!), but would still like a prefessionally trained eye to pull together a scheme for your home, this is the service for you!

This Consultation Package is a 2-step consultation starting with our (1) DIY Design Consultation in your home followed by a (2) selections consultation at the Unshelf Design Lab located at 3411 8 street SE in Calgary. It is recommended that these two design consultations be booked back-to-back on the same day, but can be booked for different days within a 2-week period.

Let’s Play!

Pull from our library of modern, popular, classic material samples curated from the best suppliers in Calgary.

  • Quartz / Solid Surface Countertops
  • Engineered Hardwood /LVP Flooring
  • Floor / Wall Tile
  • Hardware (Knobs & Handles)
  • Paint Boards
  • Wallpaper
  • Drapery / Upholstery Fabric

Our design lab is not all-encompassing as we cannot possibly carry everything. But we do have a great curated selection of our favourite finishes, which will allow us to narrow down your options and give you direction.

renovation selection consultation interior design finishes
interior design sourcing renovation consultation

During the Selections Consultation you will have the opportunity to browse and select finishes that catch your eye in our material library. From there we will pull complimentary options and make recommendations based on your selections. These will be organized into 1-2 flatlays representing a design scheme that you can use as your guide when making final selections at retail stores. Please note that materials must stay in the lab and cannot be taken with you. We will ensure you have photos and a list of your selections to request samples at the suppliers’.

Consultation Package: $575


  • 2-hour onsite consultation
  • 1.5 hour design lab consultation
  • Written list of selections and retail stores for selections

You will have the choice of booking the ‘same day’ with a back-to-back house consultation with lab session (4 hours total), or a ‘seperate day’ where we will have the appointments on different days within 2 weeks. With the ‘seperate day ‘option you will be paying for both visits but only booking your 2-hour house consultation, and we will manually book the lab visit after that.

Need help budgeting for your interior decorating project? We have put together furnishing, construction, and design hour estimate sheets for download.
These guides are not hard and fast numbers, but will get you started on understanding the cost of design and how to budget accordingly.