Typically, our initial consults give us an idea of what we are working with and act as the foundation for planning out the perfect space after we leave. They don’t involve a discussion around implementation or design ideas on the spot.

The DIY Consultation is different in that it gives YOU an idea of what you are working with and gives you access to a professional design opinion right in your home, for a fraction of the cost of hiring one for the project. During the consultation we will look at the spaces you’d like improved and offer on-the-spot design recommendations.

Bring a notebook!

You can ask us anything and we can hit as many rooms as possible in this hour. We’ll be sharing thoughts and brainstorming with you and you won’t want to forget anything! While this service does include a follow up with notes, it is still recommended to be actively listening and making your own notes during the session.


DIY Consultations are great for DIY-ers or those who are hiring a handyman directly, but need a bit of inspiration and guidance on the design side. 

Consultation: $250


  • Two hour onsite consultation
  • Walkthrough and customized advice for design
  • Summary report 

Need help budgeting for your interior decorating project? The button below will direct you to our download page for furnishing, construction, and design hour estimates. These guides are not hard and fast numbers, but will get you started on understanding the cost of design and how to budget accordingly.