Full-Service Declutter, Stage & Design

The excitement of a big move only comes around a few times in your life. You’re ready for a new place to call home, and maybe you already found that place! The only thing between you and this exciting new transition is… your existing house.


You likely fall into one of two categories:


  • You already found a new house and need to get your existing one on the market quickly
  • You are gearing up to move and want to get everything in order with ample time to sell your house and find a new one 

Phase 1: 

1. Resale Resign: Outdated homes are a goldmine of potential. We cosmetically improve (via a no-demo reno) the highest-impact areas of the house to squeeze the highest value out and put more money in your pocket when selling.

2. Decluttering: We have a tried and true process to make this easy, and we work with you and support you through the whole thing.

3. Packing Excess: We pack up everything you don’t need to use during showings and are not required for decorating.

4. Staging: Whether you need a few upgrades to squeeze the most money out of your sale, or you just need to stage it as-is – we work with any service providers (painters, wallpaper installers, handymen, cleaners, etc) to get it done, and style your house with what you already own. Heck, after you see it you may even want to stay!

SOLD: Once the home has been sold and you’ve packed up the remainder of your belongings, we are with you on moving day! We’ll hold down the fort at your new place and help direct the movers to ensure it all runs smoothly.

Packing and staging are the most difficult and stressful time in the moving process. You’re trying to find a new place to live… continue to work and live as seamlessly as possible… struggling with decisions of what to keep and what to get rid of… find time to pack up your life into boxes… putting effort into decorating and upgrading a house you’re not even staying in… all while keeping the house in tip-top shape!


Don’t put all that stress on yourself. Don’t ruin this super exciting time in your life with things that drain your soul.

Guess what! These things don’t drain our souls. We LOVE decluttering and staging. We built a business around it because it brings us joy!

Phase 2


Ok, we think that last part was pretty fun, but now you can get in on the excitement too!
Unpacking a new house is full of opportunities. When done right, you set yourself up for a lifetime of stress-free living with a foundation to support your family and sustain the love for your home from the get-go.

When done wrong, you wind up shoving boxes away in the garage, you struggle to adjust to the new environment, and your stress never really dissipates.

Let’s move you in the right way, right away.

1. Space planning: Before you move in, we will plan where each major piece of furniture is
going, and how it will be situated in the room. This makes moving day a breeze!

2. Interior Design: Let’s make this new house your home. Colours, textures, new furniture
– your personal designer will help you pick out and pick up anything and everything you
need to create the house of your dreams.

3. Project Management: We manage any upgrades that need to be done to make this
space your own. Painters, wallpaper installers, handymen, cosmetic construction – when
you step foot in this house, you’ll think it was made for you!


4. Unpacking & Organizing: This is one and the same. We don’t look at unpacking as a task and then creating systems for organization afterwards. When we get the opportunity for a blank slate, we build those systems while we unpack.

5. Decorating & Styling: The house is just as you dreamed it would be, the boxes are all unpacked, and you’re almost all set up to kick off your new life in this amazing new home. The final stage is to style it to perfection so your prized possessions all have a place and the rooms feel like home (if home resembled a magazine).


Move out, Move in, Move forward!


– Initial Consultation: $250

Decluttering & Staging: $80/hr

Interior Decorating: $100/hr



 – Add on: Consignment & Donation Service