Home Staging

Goodbye old, Hello new!

Moving is crazy isn’t it? There are just so many moving parts. Decluttering, packing, staging, packing more, moving, unpacking, organizing, designing, crashing on the couch in exhaustion… 

It’s also a strange thing to put your home on display hoping that someone else will love it as much as you did when you bought it. And to keep it so tidy (like… not even realistically tidy) in case there is a last minute showing! And splitting up your packing so that you are being efficient and getting a head start, but also keeping stuff out so that potential buyers can get a sense of the room? CHAOS! (necessary chaos)


We are movers and shakers (read: declutterers and stagers)!


Moving is supposed to be exciting! You get to clear out your clutter and start a new with a design you’ve been dreaming about! 

Again… there are so many moving parts and stages… and we have a service for each one (except the actual moving part… we are not nearly strong enough for that!)