Interior Decorating & Styling

Whether you just moved in and need to make a house your own, or you’ve lived in your home for years and want to fall back in love with it – an interior redesign will get you there.


This is our most hands-on full-support design service and comes with all the bells and whistles. As an interior decorator I work with you from design strategy, through shopping, to implementation and styling. With this service you can be as hands-on or as ‘just surprise me’ as you please – we will pick up where you need us, and manage the project in full.

If someone could wrap up your dream house in a box with a bow, this service would be the surprise inside.

 Some of what you can expect with interior decorating:

  • Redesign to improve flow and function throughout the house (sometimes the easiest solution)
  • Sourcing, selection, and installation
    • Wall/ceiling colour (a fresh coat of paint can make all the difference) 
    • Wall coverings (wallpaper is back, and it can solve all your problems)
    • Window coverings (you’ll be surprised how these will change your life)
    • Flooring (if you’re going to do it, do it right)
    • Fixtures: lighting and plumbing (the most under appreciated upgrades)
    • Furniture (we’ll use what you have first, and then fill in the blanks)
    • Soft textiles (these make a house a home)
    • Decor/accessories (the finishing touches to bring a room to life)
  • Construction & project management so you have a buffer between the trades and final product.
  • Shopping for you or right along with you – depending on how involved you want to be
  • Product Management: Tracking products, ensuring delivery to your home, and unpacking and disposal of packing materials
  • Art consultation, including art collection and display sourcing

Having a personal decorator and project manager for your home decorating project is more than just beautifying your space, it is treating yourself to a stress-free lifestyle improvement!


Initial Consultation: $250

Interior Decorating: $100/hr


  • Strategy & space planning
  • Material sourcing
  • Interior design & renovation management (cosmetic)
  • Design implementation
  • Shopping
  • Decorating
  • Final reveal & evaluation
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    • Patio Furniture & Decor Planning