15 Step Project Management Design Process

Work With Us – Interior Design

We value transparency and creating an unmatched client experience. Our process is public so that you can feel confident from the start knowing that you will be guided through every step of your design journey.

Our 15 step interior design project management process ensures that your unique needs are met… every time. 


Here’s how it works:

1. Consultation

The consultation stage is the first step we take in getting to know you and how we can best support your design needs. By gathering insight into your space and individual design style, we can evaluate and make recommendations to create a scope of work that will transform your renovation experience.

  • Tour your space
  • Gather insight into your personal design style 
  • Collaborate to create your vision through initial sketches & suggestions
  • Review needs & desires of your project
  • Chat project scope & walk through “How we work” 15 step project management process

2. Signing of Agreement & Engagement Fee

The second step of the design process is documentation. The creation of your unique client profile, proposals and contracts are all conducted at this stage to ensure we are set to move forward in designing your space efficiently and with the highest level of integrity.

  • Review & sign design contract
  • Receive engagement retainer
  • Create your individual client profile
  • Set up platforms for your involvement 

3. Trade Day

“Trade Day” is the third step in our design process and is the beginning of forming our ‘A-team’ for your project. At this point in the project we are bringing in our recommended trades for scope identification and project overview. After trade day we have the expert opinions of the various trades on book and can design accordingly.

  • Preliminary plan task goals & source appropriate trades/contractors
  • Open house for trades professionals to scope, measurements, and photos
  • Designate design team tasks & schedule
  • Review summary of success, email review of progress for your insight

4. Design Plan & Sourcing

In our “Design Plan & Sourcing” phase we work behind the scenes to create your ultimate project package. This package includes all the construction drawings, materials, furnishings and fixture selections we are proposing for the project – it is the ‘creative’ phase and details every element of the project for you.

  • Create your drawings package (floor plans, elevations, reflected ceiling, etc)
  • Source all materials and furnishings for the project
  • Finalize estimate quotes and costs for all elements
  • Build the formal presentation package

5. Presentation & Collection of Deposit

In our fifth step of the design process we present your project from top to bottom. This step is the most fun for you (other than the ‘big reveal’), with all of the samples spread out to view, feel, and approve. The presentation process is vital to illustrate the expectations for the project as a whole. Once approvals are made we move onto cost and invoice breakdowns for each item.


  • Showcase the entire project scheme space by space
  • Go over material samples selection and fixture specifications
  • Review cost and invoice breakdowns
  • Review feedback and adapt corresponding revisions before finalizing

6. Placement of Orders

Another step behind the scenes is “Placement of Orders”. In this phase we are ordering, billing and tracking everything pertaining to the project. Furniture, fixtures, trades & all. In this step we value organization above all else, ensuring all purchase order receipts and tracking shipment details are documented. This is also where the timeline with any construction phase begins to be finalized.

  • Place orders for approved materials and selections
  • Create trade schedule & onboard trades
  • Produce all purchase order receipts for bookkeeping
  • Create tracking forms for organization of purchase orders and shipment details


7. Review of Budget

In the seventh step of our design process we review everything to do with budget and finances together. Once we schedule a meeting to go over pivotal points including project progression, carry over finances and budget review, and scheduled timeline, we are all ready to estimate a date for installation and project completion.

  • Book a brief call to go over project progress
  • Schedule an on site meeting for review
  • Review carry-over financials
  • Affirm installation and final project completion date 

8. Initiation of Construction and Renovation *

The “Initiation of Construction and Renovation” stage speaks for itself. This is where our journey begins. Trades and construction personnel are onboarded on-site and renovations begin. Site check-ins as well as supervised walkthroughs will be conducted as necessary by our team throughout this phase of the project.

  • Review ‘Trade’s Guide to Excellence’ 
  • Kickoff installations and trades construction
  • Perform site check in’s 
  • Conduct walkthroughs with contractor 

9. Installation Period Continues; Receipt of Orders

In the ninth step, “Installation Period Continues; Receipt of Orders”, we will be tracking and cumulatively collecting all orders and shipments. In this stage we also work to ensure all documents that include information on order status are up to date and accurate to allow for ease and organization on the final installation date. Included in this phase is also the final procurement of all ‘styling’ items required for the final design.

  • Review and revise product/service tracking
  • Collect any outstanding balances, including freight
  • Update trade & installation calendar 
  • Source and procure styling accessories and decor

10. Furniture Installation and Styling

Stage 10 is the day we all have been waiting for; Installation day! This is when we take charge and install all furnishings, artwork, and decor with our dream team of movers, designers and trades personnel. Once we have gone through every room and ensure everything is in its place, we invite our photographer to take professional finished photos of the space.

  • Organize and schedule the team for final installation
  • Direct and lead installation day from top to bottom
  • Complete furniture installation and decor placement & styling
  • Photograph the space 
de winton estate dining room

11. Client Reveal

The “Client Reveal” stage is always unforgettable. This is the moment you have been waiting for since the initial consultation when we get to show you all of our hard work. In this stage you are welcomed home into a brand new space with a thorough walk through and celebratory gift as a thanks from our team.

  • Reveal the final project
  • Conduct Walk through of space room by room
  • Give welcoming home gift 

12. Deficiencies Walkthrough

You are now settled into your new space, and yet our work is not done quite yet. Stage 12 in our design process is a “Deficiencies Walkthrough”. At this time we go through all of the deficiencies that have come up in the project that we were not able to rectify before the reveal. These deficiencies could include: shipments that have been delayed, damage to furniture, or miscellaneous mishappenings. All of these will be documented in a formal log.

  • Overview all deficiencies including missing fixtures or pending shipments
  • Document all deficiencies in a formal log
  • Schedule a meeting to go over final deficiencies status


13. Resolving Deficiencies

In stage 13 we are working on “Resolving Deficiencies”. To do this we will conduct timely check-ins and follow ups with trades and suppliers until we have a resolution. In the meantime we will work to make temporary solutions to accommodate needs.

  • Conduct deficiency site checks and follow ups
  • Find alternative temporary solutions
  • Conduct meeting to discuss final deficiencies status


14. Client Closure Meeting; Final Invoicing

With our time coming to a close in stage 14, we are behind the scenes building a project binder for your keeping. The binder has all you need to know about material care, specification instructions as well as all product documentation. This is when we also finalize any invoicing or billing that is outstanding.

  • Create final project binder
  • Assemble all material and specification information to include
  • Add all product documentation and instruction
  • Finalize any outstanding Invoicing or billing

15. Presentation of Client Binder and Thank You

The final stage of our design process is the “Presentation of Client Binder and Thank You”.

In our final meeting we will present the client binder and briefly review its contents. We discuss how the project was, toast/cheers to its completion, and then it’s finally time to give our gratitude and appreciation for your trust in us to make your dream space a reality.

  • Present client binder and briefly go over its content
  • Give satisfaction survey & review
  • Say our final thanks & goodbyes 


We stick as closely to this 15 step process as we know from experience that it is vital in the success of a project, from client experience to trade reliability. If you have any questions about how this process can work for you, or curious about any part of it, do not hesitate to book a discovery call and we will be happy to discuss!