In short – YES! 

According to BMO’s Psychology of House Hunting, “80% of prospective buyers know if a home is right for them as soon as they step inside”. That leaves the seller with a teeny tiny window of time to make sure that their home gives potential buyers the ooh-ah’s.  

home staging

If it’s time to sell your home and you are unsure about home staging, ask yourself this – “Do I want to sell my house FASTER and for MORE MONEY?” 

If the answer is “yes”, then home staging is DEFINITELY worth it for you. 

Still not convinced? These stats from the Real Estate Staging Association’s 2021 Market Survey might change your mind:

  • 73% of staged homes sold over list price
  • Staged homes sold 9 days faster than the average Days on Market
  • On average, staged homes sold for $40,000 over list price
  • The average staging investment of 1.3% resulted in a 7.1% over list ROI

Stats don’t lie! Year over year, staging is helping homeowners sell their homes faster and for more money. Once you know that you want to move forward with home staging, the next step is to decide which type of staging is most suitable for you. 

Why “Occupied” Home Staging? 

The goal of any form of home staging for sale is to show buyers what their lives could look like if they lived in that home, and guide them in seeing that vision. Unlike vacant staging where the residence is completely cleared out and new furniture needs to be brought in, occupied home staging (aka owner-occupied staging) utilizes the homeowner’s existing pieces to prepare the home for sale. Though still an investment, occupied home staging typically costs significantly less than vacant staging, as the big-ticket items (couch, beds, etc) are already taken care of. Not to mention, this style of staging ensures that the homeowner can continue living in the home for the duration of the listing. How convenient! 


***Note that “existing pieces” do NOT include personal items such as photos and souvenirs. Buyers need to be able to envision themselves in the home, and they certainly can’t do that effectively if they are staring at pictures of YOUR wedding! 

My Home Needs Updating For Sale, But I’m Scared Of The Price Tag. What Can I Do? 

There is no doubt that a large-scale renovation can raise the value of your home, but it can also seriously break the bank. In addition, there is no guarantee of a full return. In fact, the average ROI associated with large-scale renovations is only 70%. Fortunately, you have options within the realm of Resale Redesign and owner-occupied staging.

Cosmetic improvements allow your home to shine without requiring a giant outlay of funds. Sometimes, cosmetic improvements can be achieved solely through styling and using the appropriate furniture and decor to tell the right story. Styling can also include de-cluttering and de-personalizing a space in order to widen appeal.  

Other times, cosmetic improvements mean upgrades. Although “no demo renos” may not seem as major as a full renovation, the impact that they have on resale value and buyer interest is substantial. Better yet, your occupied home stager will know how to perform the perfect facelift to ensure that your home aligns with market trends. For example, a home that needs to be modernized for sale will benefit financially from the following upgrades:

  • Remove popcorn ceiling
  • Repaint walls neutral colours
  • Replace or re-finish flooring 
  • Remove carpet
  • Replace heat register covers  
  • Replace electrical cover plates
  • Update light fixtures & ceiling fans
  • Replace or paint doors

These small upgrades are like the perfect shade of lipstick – they help to highlight your features and make you look your best. Click here for even more tips and tricks for home staging fixes!  

Ready to sell your home faster and for more money? Then don’t wait to check out our Occupied Staging Service. Happy selling!