Occupied Staging

Occupied staging enables you to sell your house for more, faster!



It is important to remember that staging a house is a fine balance between clearing away all
personal belongings so other people can picture their own stuff there, while not clearing away all personality that makes the house feel like a home.

It is a thin line to walk, and we are tightrope walkers.

During our 1.5-hour initial consultation, we will show you what needs to be packed away before we stage, and what we would love to use for the staging from what you already own. During this time we will discuss:

  • space planning for furniture
  • visual flow
  • focal point emphasis
  • Decor and artwork review


  • Up to 2 hour ‘walk & talk’
  • Staging checklist (broken down by room)
  • Customized recommendation report

 Note: We do not take a hands-on approach during the consultation. We will leave you with an action-list of what furniture needs to be moved or removed, and what items should be packed away before we return for staging on photo day. If you need help sorting and packing between appointments we charge $150 per room. 



It’s photo day!

We return to your home 3 hours prior to the scheduled photoshoot (after the cleaners) and spend ~2 hours staging and styling your home. We utilize your existing furniture and decor, supplemented with our own rental artwork, decor, and accessories to create a show-home feel for your home, targeted to your ideal buyer.

  • Hanging artwork
  • Rearranging small furniture
  • Magazine-quality styling for vignettes
  • Making beds and steaming linens and drapery



  • Customized Staging Plan
  • Deliver, setup, and style rental decor, artwork, and lighting, along with homeowners’ furnishings and accessories for each room.
  • Access to additional rentals as needed (area rugs, small furniture, throw pillows, throw blankets) at an additional cost
  • First 30 days of rentals (additional months charged as needed)
  • De-staging after conditions lifted


*Additional hours charged at $80/hr
*Additional rentals quoted and invoiced prior to staging


PLEASE NOTE: Some homes may require more time and additional rentals than what is covered in this scope. If your home is larger than 3000 square feet, if we feel we will not be able to properly stage your home in the allotted 2 hours, if you’d like for us to help you pack away your belongings, or if we need to bring in additional rentals such as area rugs, small furniture, or soft furnishings, we will address this during the consultation and follow up with a custom quote and new timeline for staging and destage (as we may need multiple days).


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