Packing Support

It’s almost moving day!

Look around. Are you packed? Does everything on your shelves need to come with you?

This is not an attempt to stress you out – we don’t need to do that. Everyone already knows that packing is a less than favourable task. We assume you’ll be hiring us – we just want you to start thinking about when we can start!


Let’s start with decluttering. We will support you – hands-on – through our tried and true
decluttering method so you are not packing up things you don’t want. You know those things
that you unpack in the new house and go, “why did I waste space on this?
Yea – let’s get rid of those things first.


After you’ve sorted what you are keeping and what you can toss/donate, let’s get packing! You
bring the boxes and packing paper (we can help you with that too if you need), and we come
over and get to work! We are like your little packing fairies: you point, and POOF – it’s wrapped up nicely in a box.

– Initial Consultation: $145

Packing/Organizing: $75/hr



  • 3 hours minimum ($75 per hour)
  • Hands-on onsite decluttering support
  • Packing support


  • Consignment & Donation Service (free)