1-hour Photo-Ready Styling

People are online shoppers, even when it comes to real estate. Your first impression with buyers is your online listing. What the camera sees is what the buyer sees, and our 1-hour photoshoot styling ensures that first impression is a great one (a purchase-worthy one).

It is difficult to keep your home looking ‘untouched’ for showings, and so this is the opportunity to set it up for success and capture it in its best light for that first impression online.

People will form an opinion about your home within the first 7 seconds.
What do they see?



Staging is all about creating ‘show home’ moments for the buyer. We use what you already own and style each room to create these moments for the photo shoot. 

Some stagers call this service the ‘fluff’ service, because it is about the finishing touches of the visual experience of your home – like making a bed and ‘fluffing’ pillows to create a luxury hotel-feeling in a bedroom.

I come 2 hours prior to the photographer (after the cleaners) and spend 1 hour onsite.


  • 1-hour styling
  • Homeowners existing items (no rentals)
  • Styling all surfaces
  • Hanging artwork
  • ‘fluffing’ pillows, blankets, and making beds.

Please note that all personal items (other than decor) must already be packed away and furniture must be in its intended room. This styling does not include moving furniture or decluttering.

Photo-Ready Styling: $250

*Recommended to book 2-hour Staging Consultation prior to Photo-Readh Stage 

*Decor & artwork rentals require upgrading to a full occupied staging package
*Additional hours charged at $80/hr


If you are a relator scheduling a Photo-Ready Styling for your client that you are covering the cost of, please use the realtor button below. If you are scheduling the service on behalf of your clients but they are paying the invoice, use the button above and input only their information.