Altadore Occupied Stage

There is always added pressure when a realtor hires you for their own home. Andrea McKen hired us to complete an occupied stage for her home in the sought-after area of Altador in Calgary. Buyers in this area expect the best for the higher price points Altadore homes are selling for, and therefore staging is a necessity before listing.

Altadore Occupied Stage Living Room

The before photo here is not even a complete ‘before’ since we had already rolled out the area rug – a big player in the staging of this living room. The area rug grounded all the furniture and allowed us to spread out the chairs, making the room feel larger. We brought in new artwork with some colour and complimentary pillows and blankets to bring colour into the space. We styled the coffee table and shelves with larger pieces to match the scale of the client’s leather chairs. Our only complaint was that the coffee table was not large enough, but with occupied stages, you work with what you get!

Altadore Occupied Stage Living Room Before

Altadore Occupied Stage Kitchen

The tigerwood kitchen cabinets were so unique and beautiful that they were the star of the show. We simply guided the buyer in the story of their lifestyle in this space through strategic ‘moments’. We love a good coffee station and so we elevated their existing coffee maker to be a full ‘good morning’ experience. We styled the shelves with lavender and larger decor and displayed an open cookbook by the cooktop. These touches all played a supporting role in this custom kitchen.

Altadore Occupied Stage Kitchen Before

Altadore Occupied Stage Master Bedroom

The biggest transformation was the primary bedroom. During the consultation, we discussed how fresh bedding would make a big impact in the room, and to my joy it was there when I came back for the stage! I brought along with me throw pillows and blankets to ensure the bed felt like a sanctuary and to soften the dark bedroom set. Adding greenery and a tray with florals was all the life this room needed to really wow.

Altador Occupied Stage Master Bedroom Before

Altador Occupied Stage Master Ensuite

I love a cedar bench in a bathroom. This one we found in the basement bathroom and brought up to the primary ensuite (again… making it into our ‘before’ photos). We hung light white and blue art to tie in the blues from the ensuite and to add a cool hue to the ‘noisy’ vanity. My favorite staging in bathrooms is an apothecary jar on the vanity and a rolled-up towel with the lavender pot on a bench, and this bathroom was no exception! It really does give spa vibes.

Altador Occupied Stage Master Ensuite Before