“No More Red” – Blue & Gold Bedroom, Bathroom, and Dining Room: Interior Decorating

Tanya found us through facebook and reached out saying they had lived in their house for 5 years and still had minimal art on their walls, and their bedroom was bare! She wanted her house to feel like a home and hired us to come in and style a few of the rooms in her home.

Sarah was fantastic to work with – from beginning to end.  She was always available if I had questions, and kept me up to date on the progress and shipping estimates. I’m in love with the final result!!  I highly recommend her!

Tanya N.

Her biggest request was that there be no red! She had a few pieces or art on the wall that were bright red, and her dining room seats had red and white upholstery and she didn’t want to see any more red.

EASY! Blue and yellow (or gold) became a new theme throughout her home, since some of her favourite walls were navy blue already.

Interior Decorating – Dining Room

This room had a pretty noticeable transformation and looks like it was plucked out of a showroom.

I worked with my client’s existing chairs, table, and hutch, which led the brown and yellow theme – making blue an obvious balancer. The client has beautiful light fixtures throughout her house already, so we drew on those to amplify the space.

The biggest impact in this room is the area rug. This area rug is low pile and easy to clean, and adds a burst of colour. It is what ties the creams, whites, yellows, and blues together – area rugs are great and unifying and grounding.

We swapped out her very bold red bar stools with these amazing leather ones from Showhome Furniture. They connect the browns in the dining room and draw your eye over to the browns in the kitchen, creating a more ‘open’ feeling.

The other big impact was that re reupholstered her dining room chairs to get rid of the ripped, thin fabric, and replace it with a luxe navy blue velvet.

We placed the new artwork above the vanity (they were flanking the sides before) to draw the eye up and make room for yellow vases with white twigs on either side to fill the space in the alcove and bring more of the yellow. I then added a table runner and decorative bowl so the table wasn’t left out of this transformation.

Interior Decorating – Living Room

The family room required lighter styling than anywhere else in the home. The client has 2 big dogs that they play with in this room and therefor did not want a coffee table, new rug, or new furniture for this space.

For the living room we simply opened up her floor plan by moving one large chair into the basement, and reorganizing some smaller chests and lights (not shown).

Other than that it was simply styling, with new throw pillows to draw those colours over from the living room, and small decor items to fill the shelves (working with existing photos and pet memory items they already had).

Interior Decorating – Powder Room

The powder room had a big blank wall when you walked in, so a large bold (yellow and blue, of course) painting was just what it needed – WOW!

Interior Decorating Master Bedroom

The master bedroom was really important as it was the initiation of the project. This was the room she originally wanted to work on before the scope grew.

She had very dark purple damask drapes that did not match the navy blue wall (which she loves), and her bedding was pink and white, which didn’t play nice with her existing furniture. And, as mentioned, there was nothing on the walls!

My favourite part of this room transformation are the custom blackout drapes. These drapes are navy blue at the top, gold in the middle, and cream at the bottom and are the inspiration for this room.

With those installed, we added bright wall art above the bed (abstract blue and gold and white), blue and white new bedding, and a fun blue and gold throw pillow (which ACTUALLY was the inspo for this room as it was the first thing I bought).

On the other side of the room, there was a large dresser with perfumes and jewellery, but no mirror!

I believe that every dresser needs a mirror and so I found one that had a very similar wood as a half frame, which almost faded out the blonde furniture to draw the eye up to modern. It was the perfect fit and the client can use this to put on her jewellery now – plus it reflects my beautiful custom drapery!

Interior Decorating – Master Bathroom

The master bathroom was huge but lacklustre.

My client wanted #spavibes in here and so we of course carried the blue theme into the ensure, but with wooden accents throughout to make sure it felt warmer and relaxing.

We picked this huge piece of art to go above the bathtub (you can see why), and laid a blue and white Turkish bath mat in front. In the corners I added some wooden accents to match the frame.

The walls elsewhere were a little empty as well and so I added a gold and white shelving unit beside the counter so the client could move some things off the counter (and of course added a few ‘pretty’ #spavibe decor pieces). And in the toilet closet, we added inexpensive ikea shelves just to fill up the tall wall above and make the room feel ‘styled’.

Decor & Design Details

Below are closeups of some of the details throughout the rooms. In styling projects (no major design, minimal new furniture, and no construction – just decor), these details are really the stars of the show and make up the majority of the sourcing and detail work.

Cat Photo Bomb

He approved of the entryway bench mat. We love furry friends around.

Before Styling

For context, here are some of the spaces before we styled them.