Burma Star Colourful Townhouse: Occupied Staging

beautiful bedroom staged with new bedding, throw blanket, glass lamp and artwork

Occupied staging is so fun because you just never know what you are going to have to work with and what style you are going to be adopting. Well, when the client has lots of fun colours around the house you lean in! This may be one of our most colourful stages to date!

Townhouse Livingroom After

This client had a perfectly framed gallery wall on their living room wall. It had no family photos and was neutral in theme – but not colour! This wall led the stage and we sprinkled lots of colour throughout, while also bringing in more black decor to ground it. Even the new area rug we brought in created a beautiful ‘pop’ as you walked in the front door.

Townhouse Livingroom Before

Townhouse Kitchen & Dining After

The homeowners already had this beautiful blue floating island. We wanted to ‘finish’ that thought by turning it into their official coffee station. We moved their large espresso maker over to the island to keep the kitchen counters clear, and added artwork above that would make anyone smile in the morning.

Some light styling throughout the kitchen with calming blues and greens , and the space was ready to welcome in a family.

Townhouse Kitchen & Dining Before

Townhouse Primary Bedroom After

Sometimes you get really lucky and the homeowner has amazing bedding!

This was one of those cases where we just had to make the bed, fluff it up, stack the pillows, and put away what took away from this tranquil room. Does this not seem like a room you just want to sink into after a long day? If the new buyers recreate this room, they will be living their best lives for sure!