Copperfield Townhouse Photo-Ready Styling – Black & White Photos

Copper Field Town house Staged Master Bed Room

UPDATE: SOLD!!! Within 2 days this townhouse received multiple offers and sold unconditionally at the highest sale price in the compound since 2005, with $15k-$20k over all other units. Listed for $309,900 and sold for $340,000.

This project write-up is a bit longer and written as a peek into how real estate relationships are formed and some of the behind-the-scenes stories that make up a Photo Ready Styling project.

I play ringette. Probably not how you expected this project to start. But I promise it is relevant! I play ringette, and I was subbing for another team during playoffs. We won the game (not relevant, but yay!) and after the game the goalie of that team was standing by my car. We didn’t get to talk in the dressing room but when I walked up to the car she told me she was a realtor and was just taking down my information from my car decal for staging (yay, marketing!). Within a week she called me with a townhouse in Copperfield that needed a final styling plus decor rental.

Alex Hripko had been working with her clients and encouraging them to declutter and clean before I got there. They did a wonderful job and she was right, all they needed was a photo-ready styling and some additional decor to tie it up with a bow. Alex hired me because there were a number of other Copperfield townhouse listings in the compound and none of them were well-staged, so she wanted hers to stand out (now that is a fantastic realtor).

Alex met me at her client’s house and I got started. Here’s what we did:

Townhouse Primary Bedroom – After

This was a fun story! The client did an amazing job of ‘depersonalizing’ and removed their wedding photos from the frames above their bed. They kept the empty frames there but since I didn’t bring a full staging set with me (only 1 additional bin was rented) I did not have large artwork to add above the bed. Alex and I came up with the idea of the printing artwork to fill them since the frames were already so nicely hung. The client did not have a printer and so Alex called her friend who lived nearby and they printed out some black and white architectural photos that we taped into the frames. Perfect!

The homeowner only had 2 pillows but his mom was there helping and she had a few at home, so she brought 2 over so we could complete the full ‘luxe’ bed (thanks mom!). I made the bed perfectly imperfect – my favourite type of staging – with the ceremonial ‘throw’ and the room was pretty much set.

I re-organized the closet a little bit by removing one shelf so that full-length dresses could hang. Then I propped up purses on the shelves and hid the bulkier sweaters in the area behind the door. A much nicer walk-in-closet impression.

And, like usual, the bathroom just needed a bit of greenery. Done!

Town House Additional Bedrooms – After

Nurseries are adorable and play a big part in staging a family home. This home was likely going to be a starter home for a new family, and so, welcoming in a new family and their possibly soon-to-be baby is really an emotional connection.

I straightened things out, propped up some stuffed animals, and moved some things around, making for a bright and exciting space.

Townhouse Living Room – After

The challenge with occupied staging is that you are at the mercy of the furniture already in the home. This living room boasted two very large very brown leather sofas that we had to work with. Initially, the couch was nearly in front of the door and the other was crammed into the corner, so I did a little bit of shuffling to give some breathing room. I centered their large artwork on the wall, moved the side table into the corner beside the shorter couch and added a lamp to it to brighten the corner for evening showings. I then styled the coffee table and fireplace console and rolled up some of the extra blankets into this basket they had.

The bar trolley was also on my hit list as it was too close to the door and would get hit if someone opened it too far, telling buyers that the room is too small. So we moved it away and centered it under the window, styling the top with nicer decor and decluttering it.

Of course, these are the moments I wish I took before photos for comparison.

Townhouse Dinning Room – After

The dining area had beautiful aqua walls and stunning artwork already. Those drew the eye to the far end when coming up the stairs, which led your eye to the window. I added some greenery to the dining table to give some life, tidied the coffee station, and let this area pull its own weight.

Townhouse Kitchen Styling – After

Lastly, the kitchen just needed a stagers touch. We put away some of the larger appliances and the knives (a must), and I styled the countertop with cookbooks, their mixer, and some greenery and coffee mugs to tell the story of a lovely Sunday morning. The teal was honestly a complete fluke since I had not seen this house before and the decor I brought matched their existing items perfectly. Intuition?

Without ‘before’ pictures it can be hard to imagine the difference. However, here is the biggest takeaway and really all I had to say in this write-up… The biggest feedback Alex got on the listing was how well it showed compared to the other Copperfield townhouse units people were also looking at. That reflects positively on not only me as a stager, but on her as a realtor.