Coquitlam Home Hands-on Consultation

Living room Coquitlam Home Hands-on Consultation

When you love what you do, you don’t work a day in your life.

This project has no before photos because it was a spur-of-the-moment stage for friends. We were visiting them in BC for a few days and they were planning to list their home shortly. My friend’s husband had designed this home and done most of the construction himself so I wanted them to show it off in it’s best light!

After a wonderful dinner and too many episodes of ‘Naked and Afraid’, I couldn’t help but look around and start making some suggestions (yes. I am that friend). We started with the play area and then it expanded from there – right down to painters tape on the wall for artwork size reference!

We had a lot of fun and my friends, my husband, and I spent a good few hours moving furniture and styling shelves – did I say ‘we’ had fun? Well… I did at least!!!

While I wasn’t there for the actual pre-photo styling I left instructions and I think they did a great job getting it ready.

Coquitlam Home Living Room

Can we talk about this rug for a moment? Isn’t it beautiful? She had it wrapped up in the basement! To be fair she has 2 kids and a dog, and so she was trying to keep it safe – but this was the perfect time to pull it out!

I taped out a large piece of artwork on the wall and suggested it be neutral and that blues would be nice with the ceiling. And they found the perfect piece for the spot – which also tied in their yellow pillows.

They already had a really cool plant wall made of reclaimed wood shelves so all we did was declutter and depersonalize, and we let this room and it’s really stunning architectural features speak for itself.

Coquitlam Home Dining and Kitchen

Sometimes I style kitchen islands. In this case, I wanted clean lines.

Coquitlam Home Play Room

I so wish I had a before photo of this space – it looks completely different!

We rearranged pretty much every piece in this room and created zones that made sense to buyers. This is a kids space and so we let the kids rule. Does this not feel like a wonderful den for the kids to play in while you make breakfast around the corner or sit in this plush chair and supervise?

We put all the shelving up against the wall – it had previously been in front of the window and blocking part of it. And we rolled out the carpet to define this kids area. A bench and pillow under the window gave a ‘reading area’, while the floating table and chairs (previously pushed up against the wall) shows how large the area really is. Remember that open space is hard to judge for size and furniture (even tiny people furniture) gives context and can actually make a space look bigger.

And that artwork? No, not on the wall… on the easel! Masterpiece!

Real Estate Photography by Pixilink