Cranston New Build Modern Farmhouse Occupied Stage Calgary

modern farmhouse cranston stage living room

POV: You sold your bachelor pad (also staged by yours truly) and built your dream modern farmhouse home, and within a year get offered a job out of province. This home was nearly new and in excellent condition, with upgrades that were chosen by a family who wanted to stay in it! Some lucky buyers swooped in and got it the weekend it was listed by Alex Hripko.

Staging it was a lot of fun and the homeowners were so impressed they even bought a few things from us to bring with them cross-country.

Cranston Occupied Stage Entry After

How sweet it is to be loved by this house – the feeling you get walking in the door.

We brought in an abundance of greenery and played into the black fixtures and railings (it is important to stage for the features of the property, and not just what you think looks nice). We also brought in wood sculptures and clays and pottery pieces to keep with the light, earthy, organic atmosphere the existing furniture was based on.

Entryway Before Styling

Cranston Occupied Stage Living Room After

I mean come on now… Is this not the photo that sold the house? Look at this living room – it is dreamy (and I miss that piece of art… it is one of the pieces that went along with the homeowners to their new place. How could they have left it behind after seeing it here with their furniture?!)

I’ll say it 10000x, area rugs make a space. I understand why families with kids and dogs don’t have them, which is why we do (note: we don’t bring area rugs into any house. And there is a hefty cleaning fee for any that come back with stains or damage. But if you have a well-behaved dog and a ‘no snacks in the living room’ rule for your kids, it pays off big time).

I have to say, it is nerve-wracking to hang art on a fireplace with zero imperfections, but the 2 tiny holes are worth it and hopefully, the new buyers can add their own vertical art in the same place.

Green, wood, black, natural – the styling rules we followed in this space.

Living Room Before Staging

Cranston Occupied Stage Breezy Kitchen After

The before photos are pretty unfair since they are just ‘life’. But I did want to show them so you could see some of the key differences and changes we made. Some people believe kitchens should be completely clear, others leave them with all utensils and kitchen items out in their designated spaces. I believe the home should look lived-in and functional (not empty), but with a magazine editor’s eye (not your everyday kitchen).

I love greenery and florals in a kitchen, and a perfectly placed cutting board can make a world of difference. I keep out ‘kitchen’ items like cookbooks, salt and pepper, and a bottle of wine, but always put away appliances, knives (safety), and most of the utensils. This gives it a clean look while still allowing the buyers to visualize themselves in the space (and hoping they can keep it looking this good. In this new house… there is a possibility, right?)

I do keep islands pretty clear, other than soap for the sink and a vase with flowers next to it. But the fastness of the countertop is a selling feature on its own and so I let that shine.

Kitchen Before Stage

Cranston Occupied Stage Modern Farmhouse Dining Room After

Oink Oink. This (very) modernized farmhouse was the recipient of my adorable pig candle sticks – easter eggs I try to get into most of Alex’s stages. They loved their home amongst other beautiful things, like the cast iron candle sticks and the gold floral cage. What a perfect compliment to their existing dining set. A neutral framed artpiece replaced the bold canvas for an elevated feel.

Dining Room Before Stage

Cranston Occupied Stage Den / Family Room After

This is also an unfair before and after, and honestly, maybe the fort should have stayed because… fun! But we did make a few changes here that are of note. We hung a piece of art above the couch to mimic the window and bounce light toward the stairwell. We also added a lamp to the ‘side table’ for evening showings, but had toys in lieu of decor. We did not want to remove all signs of children, because this is the perfect play space – so their toys, including the adorable rainbow, got a front and center placement.

Den/Family Room Before Stage

Cranston Occupied Stage Primary Bedroom & Ensuite After

This room just needed a bit of filling out. I love the green wall the clients had in their primary bedroom and allowed that to be the pop of colour that we played into. I brought in larger more modern lamps, artwork, and an area rug. In the initial consultation, I had requested the clients find new bedding and a chair to fill out the space, and they delivered.

The bathroom was such an amazing layout we wanted to feature that. We hung 2 pieces of art above the tub as the first place that drawers your eye and a beautiful pop of lavender on the vanity. Letting the rest of the ensuite speak for itself.

Primary Bedroom Before Staging

Cranston Occupied Stage Secondary Bedrooms

Funny story: These 4 frames came from the client’s original ‘bachelor’ house. He had them hanging above his bed empty and Alex had a friend nearby print some photos for it mid-stage. They made a debut again here!

The blue guest room was nothing more than styling.

The nursery we didnt have to touch as it was already so adorable.

But the purple room needed a new layout and configuration. The artwork from the dining room really pulled this space together and gave that VERY purple bedspread a purpose.

Secondary Bedrooms Before Redesign

Cranston Occupied Stage Bathroom Staged

No before and after here, but isn’t this lovely bathroom perfect for 2 kids? Sometimes all you need is faux plants, shell art, and perfectly folded and rolled towels. This was one of those times.