Green Office: Staging Consultation

house staging lakeview

Conditionally sold in 24 hours!

Benny Wildey hired me for a 2-hour staging consultation for her Lakeview clients in Calgary. The home had amazing bones and lots of space on a huge lot in this very coveted neighbourhood.

We went room to room and talked about what things to keep for staging, put in storage, and which rooms needed a paint job. They had quite a lot of stuff and so I am very happy they found a place offsite to store some of the larger furniture and excess art and decor that were not needed for staging.

They did an absolutely amazing job following all of the recommendations and taking the staging tasks very seriously. It can be difficult to put more money and time into a home you are selling, but it is always the case that that money comes back amplified, and the time is more than paid for.

The biggest wins were:

  • Painting the green office a lovely and neutral grey.
  • Removing the outdated chair rail moulding in the office
  • Painting the upstairs bathroom grey
  • Removing extra bulky furniture from master bedroom
  • Taking out large bulky furniture from spare room
  • Creating reading nook where kids table used to be and opening up downstairs fireplace living area.
  • Decluttering and depersonalizing extra decor and art around the house.

After Staging Consultation

Before Staging Consultation