Lincoln Park Condo Occupied Staging

Bedroom Lincoln Park Condo Occupied Staging

This house had a lot of ‘grey’ with pops of red, and then a very colourful pink guest room (which we loved). So we brought in blues and yellows to add freshness and breath life into the space.

Lincoln Park Condo Living Room

When we first saw this project the TV was on a media unit on the opposite wall of the fireplace. It really was a split focus and made the room feel confusing. While it is not always ideal to have the TV on top of the fireplace, in this room and with the existing furniture it was the only option.

A large leather grey couch is a statement. It pretty much sets the stage for the room. The red drapes that hung here were so loud that they took away from everything else (you can see them further down in the second guest room now). We brought grey drapery to create cohesion with the couch, and then really leaned towards colour everywhere else, including a large blue area rug.

Blue, grey, and warm tones dominated the decor and artwork we selected for this room, including an oversize vase beside the fireplace. The beautiful thing was that the fireplace actually had blue glass, which didn’t show until we added blue next to it – on the first consultation it looked grey!

Living Room Before

Lincoln Park Condo Kitchen and Dining

The blue and grey theme continued out front with a dark backsplash in the kitchen and light blue drapery and dining chairs (phew!). The client’s dining room was a breath of fresh air and was so great to work with, especially being the first room you see. The kitchen just needed a bit of life with some creams and yellows and removing the ‘red’ (our least favourite colour in staging).

Kitchen and Dining Before

Lincoln Park Condo Master Bedroom After

The master bedroom was in good shape! It had a statement wallpaper with browns and greys so we were able to introduce some more warmer tones to full it out – including that round brown mirror. I also happened to have this bedside lamp as my home office lamp, and the client only had 1 – so I brought mind for symmetry.

Master Bedroom Before

Lincoln Park Condo Guest Bedrooms

How fun is this room! We did not have to do a lot. We brought the white table over from the other guest room, hung some fun art, added a beautiful pink vignette, and brought a rental chair to complete the desk. We also brought that little pink knot which I’d been dying to use! This room was a hit.

The second guest room is where we put the red drapes from downstairs. It need colour as it was just so drab – and they were the perfect pop. We also salvaged 2 side tables that the client had borrowed to use as nightstands, and this room actually took form!

It is not often that the guest rooms are more of a hit than the primary – but this townhouse had 3 winners!

Additional Bedrooms Before