Luxury Coastal: Design Consultation & Occupied Staging

luxury coastal family room styled with soft white area rug, accent pillows, glass tables and family sign

Nicolle, a local Calgary realtor, was selling her home in Edgemont so she could move west. The existing decor in her home already had a nod to luxury coastal and so that was an easy theme to lightly base the staging on.

I was recommended to Nicolle by another realtor in Calgary and she brought me in for an initial 2-hour staging consultation. Nicolle was already open to the idea of renovating the kitchen and bathrooms and so we were able to talk about full design as well as the staging needs for styling.

Aided by my consultation, Nicolle completely redesigned her kitchen by painting the cupboards white, painting the island blue and removing the stained glass, adding a new countertop, redoing the backsplash, and fully removing a large bulky cabinet case to open up more countertop and views. They did an absolutely amazing job.

Thanks to the bathroom renos we were able to style the master bath as a luxury spa retreat, and the additional bathrooms as luxury boutique bathrooms. The bathrooms needed new tile and she painted the vanity’s white – a game changer for some very outdated ‘spanish-style’ bathrooms (see before photos below).

The bedrooms also needed painting. The master bedroom had yellow ceilings which I encouraged her to paint white, and the basement bedroom was a dark burnt orange that desperately needed lightening.

After all of the renovations were complete Nicolle called me back the day before photos to help with final styling. She had purchased a number of new furniture pieces, area rugs, decor, and art, which were so easy to work with.

Nicole and I spent 4.5 hours styling every surface, nook, cranny, and bed. My favourite transformations were the window ledges. I had encouraged Nicolle to find padding for these to create reading nooks – which we did! We cozied up what was otherwise just an oversized ledge with pillows and blankets to bring a book lover’s dream to life. No space is wasted when it comes to kicking back and relaxing in this home.

The upstairs office (or 3rd bedroom) was originally a very crowded office and music space, so we simplified by turning into a lounge-y music studio to be sought after by every music artist.

After Staging

I can’t break down all of the little details that went into this stage and all of the hard work my client put into getting this house ready for sale, as there are too many. However, as you compare the before and after photos, you’ll see why upgrades and hiring a stager can be a game-changer for your listing. And this Calgary Edgemont home now more than demands its selling price of $899,999.

Before Occupied Styling