Babies and Brown Walls: Packing & Pre-Photo Occupied Stage

staircase and living room

24 hours is NOT a lot of time to stage a home, and it is never ideal. However, sometimes it is all you have. The cleaners and real estate photographers have been booked and you need to get it on the market ASAP.

What a 24-hour stage can get you is a very long 8-10 hour day of support for sorting and packing the day before the cleaners and photographer come. And 2 hours of styling and adjustments between the cleaners and the photos the next day.

What a 24 hour stage cannot get you is time to implement larger upgrading tasks that could potentially get you more money (or at least help fend off low-ball offers) – such as painting and fixture upgrades.

This client had a tight budget and a tighter schedule, so we cleared out 80% of her home, sending over 5 truckloads of stuff into storage to prep for photos and showings – Plus a truckload of donations, and another of trash.

We then sent the husband out to grab some nice yellow bananas for the kitchen fruit bowl!

The best news? The client’s house sold the day after it was listed!

*(We joked it was probably because of the bananas! haha)



Unfortunately we were in such a whirlwind I did not get a ton of before photos – but as you can see we did quite a bit of packing!


Realtor: Miranda Moser – Century 21

Photos: IGuide

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