Occupied Staging in Mahogany – Working With What You Have

Beautiful 2-story home in Mahogany

Another home listed and sold above ask. I was brought into this project by realtor Travis Munroe for some hands-on help to prepare this home for sale. This was an occupied stage, meaning that the clients and their children would be living there while the house was showing (which is great because I only work with occupied houses), and so we had to choose our decor carefully and make it look great without bringing in too much. As with all stages, the furniture provided some challenges, but with a few touches and strategic placement, buyers can look past those and appreciate the features of the home.

After Kitchen

The kitchen was large and clean and minimal with a large piece of neutral artwork already dominating the space, so I didn’t want to do too much. During the consultation, I suggested that this might be the perfect opportunity to stage the island by setting it. When I came back for the staging, the owner had already done so and it was perfect! Not all islands should be staged, but because we were keeping this one very neutral, the subtle place settings were the perfect story to tell.

After Dining Room

The dining room was simple and we kept just fresh flowers on this beautiful table. We moved the table to be centered under the light and away from the window to give it some breathing room and give room for a chair at the end.

But the most fun part of this dining room was the ‘backyard shelf’. This shelf was a catch-all and I decided to stage it as a ‘command station’ for the backyard kids’ activities. Sure, I could have added some decorative sculptures and books – but being right next to a patio door in the dining room, it made the most sense to pull out things like baseball gloves and hot tub accessories like little sandals and robes – cute!

After Entry

I purchased this tall sculpture at a garage sale specifically for this moment. Those alcoves in front entrances can really only be staged one way – and you need something tall to go there. I was thrilled I got to use it in this home! I am still on the lookout for something a bit taller, but until now I had always used orchids – so this was a little more fun and modern. And of course, some artwork 🙂

After Master Suite

We couldn’t bring any soft goods, though some additional throw pillows and blankets would have been wonderful for this bed, so we relied on artwork and style to spruce this room up. We recentered the bed in the room and hung a large art piece over the fireplace to start.

We actually found that white console in another room and brought it up to help furnish this very empty primary suite, This allowed me to style it and fill the space. And this room also had an alcove, so IT got the orchids I mentioned earlier.

After Bedrooms

Occupied staging kids rooms are not always perfect. Kids are generally not excited about too much change, and need full functionality for their spaces. So sometimes all we can do is remove some of the stickers on the walls, tidy the desk, and show them that their world is not being turned upside down.

As a side note, how cute is that really low mirror for the little boy to use.

After Living Room

There are not enough pillows in the world to cover well-loved beige corduroy couches in a living room. This family intended to get rid of them before their next move, but for staging we were using them! They had a few pillows I propped up to ‘style’, but we mostly focused on layout. These couches were in an L shape originally and so when you came into the room you ran into the back of one. So we moved them around into the parallel floor plan you see here so that buyers would have a clear view of the fireplace upon entering. I then styled the floating shelves with some colour, and added decor onto the table surfaces to draw the eye.

Cute story: I ‘shopped’ the kids’ rooms for books for the side table and the little boy was so proud that I selected some from his shelf. He told everyone who would listen.

After Upper Den

This room had a very awkward layout for the 1 large piece of furniture they had – and so what we saw was what we got. I rearranged the art, using what they already had in the home, to achieve some symmetry and then worked with the kids to style their play area shelves.

In a perfect world, for education purposes, I would have loved to have a coffee table and a visually lighter couch, with maybe a couple of chairs to break up the space.

After Basement Guest

There was no way we were getting this machine out of the basement before photos, and so we worked with it. We moved it from the basement living room area into this vacant bedroom and styled other gym equipment around it. I also found this art under their stairs to match. This allowed the main basement living area to be virtually staged properly.

After Backyard

This is a story moment. We got these chairs out of storage and placed them next to the firepit – if only we could have paid some actors to sing campfire songs roasting marshmallows for buyers!