The Over-Packers: Realtor-Hired Staging & Decor Rental

The Over-Packers: Realtor-Hired Staging & Decor Rental

Christine Versnick, a top producing Calgary realtor, hired me for a 1 hour staging consult for her client’s home in Tuscany. When we arrived, we found that the client had actually OVER-packed and left their home almost completely bare. Believe it or not – you WANT decor out so that the home feels welcoming and looks ‘lived in’ – enabling people to visualize their own lives there.

There was not enough decor remaining to properly stage the home so we made the decision to turn this into a full staging appointment. I rushed home (because we only had 3 hours until the virtual walkthrough was scheduled) and filled my car with as much decor and small furniture as I could fit in my SUV. For a house this size, I could have brought 3 times the decor but we were too short on time.

We unloaded my vehicle and I staged and optimized each room in the house.

  1. We flipped what was the ‘kids living room’ right off the front door into an office (a huge selling feature right now – and an opportunity we could not miss).
  2. We pulled out a few ‘fall’ accessories to stage the boot room bench, and organized the nicest laundry containers into a basket beside the washer and dryer. Ideally we could have had a ‘laundry’ sign in this room.
  3. I had them pull any fruit they had out of the fridge and created a colourful fruit stand for the breakfast counter. I set up a mini coffee station on the far counter to show people what to do with that space (and have them imagining their mornings there). Lastly, I added a small wooden cheeseboard beside the stove to display olive oil on.
  4. The biggest project was the master bathroom which was completely bare. I brought jars and candles and stands. I staged a cozy space around the bathtub, and added seashells to a large glass jar with a candle in it for the secondary counter. I then sourced their nicest towels and rolled them all up in a tin on the floor beside the bathtub, criss crossing two on the counter next to it as well. I rolled the remaining towels and displayed them on their open bathroom closet shelves – seams in.
  5. The living room had a few things in place, so we found some spare books left out downstairs and added them under the side tables and between the book ends on the mantle – more would have been better. They also did not have a coffee table to stage.
  6. In their bedroom I would have loved to have a bench, chair, mirror, and an area rug, but we made due with a small decor set on top of the dresser.
  7. The little girls room had everything it needed and I was able to just move a few things around.
  8. I staged the new ‘office’ with a large plant in the corner. Ideally we could have had a reading chair as well. I also added a few little decor items around to take up space.
  9. There were a couple of ‘showcase’ nooks in the hallways that we staged with faux flowers.
  10. I added candles and little decor items to each of the other bathrooms.
  11. And lastly, I set the table with placemats, charger plates, napkins with rings, and the family’s dinnerware.
  12. With the last few minutes I ran out to the nearest grocery store and grabbed a bouquet of fresh flowers for the kitchen island and dining table to give life to the space. I pulled out some of the larger flowers and leaves and added 2 small vases to use in the kitchen.

It was a complete whirlwind and just goes to show you how much decor and furniture is actually needed to stage a home in a way that does not look ‘sparse’ for photos.

Christine then rented some of the decor to stay in the home for showings.

What a blast!

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