Rocky Ridge Calgary Photo Ready Styling

Rocky ridge calgary townhouse front door real estate staging

Some realtors have a small selection of their own decor that they can use to enhance their client’s properties – especially properties with smaller budgets. But few realtors are stagers, and the best realtors recognize that – so they bring in the professionals. Our Photo-Ready Styling is a great service solution for these smaller budget projects that don’t need full staging or rentals.

UPDATE: This Rocky Ridge Calgary townhouse sold in 1 weekend with multiple offers!

Rocky Ridge Photo Ready Styling

Realtor Stephanie D’Hondt called me to help style her new Rocky Ridge listing in Calgary (her first ever as a solo realtor!!!). She had a car full of decor that she wanted help styling. It was the perfect service for this very clean and minimalist home. We worked quickly and efficiently for a full hour styling vignettes around the home, moving light furniture, and hanging art.

Occupied Staging in Kitchen

With the Photo-Ready Styling service, we do a lot of ‘shopping the house’, even if the realtor brings decor. In this case, we lucked out that the homeowner had nice neutral cutting boards we could lean up to add warmth to the white-on-white kitchen. I also created a little vignette beside the stove and added the realtor’s greenery to breathe life into the room.

I also pulled items out of the cupboards to create a proper coffee station.

Contrasting Dining Room Styling

I don’t usually set dining room tables, but in this case, it really felt empty with just the flowers. I was thrilled to have found a beautiful contrasting black dish set in the cupboards to match the chairs. A plate and bowl stack, along with a beautiful fresh flower bouquet (gifted by the realtor to her clients) was all this dining room needed – striking!

Living Room Photo Ready Styling

Stephanie brought an oversized artwork (that barely fit in her car!!), and I am so glad she did. This very empty living room would have fallen very flat without it. We also stacked some colour botanical artwork to bring some height and catch the buyers eye from the front door.

We ‘shopped’ the plant and brought it into the living room to fill space. They also only had an ottoman for a coffee table so I styled it to feel more substantial. I added an extra pillow into the bin that the realtor brought her decor in to act as a ‘blanket basket’ next to the couch to bring in more warmth. Really all this living room needed was an area rug – but we did pretty great I think!

Guest Bedroom Staging in Rocky Ridge Calgary

We created a bedroom out of an office with a blow-up mattress, oversized blanket, and stilts to lift the mattress off the floor – all items Stephanie brought (superstar!!!). The pillows were too small for the covers so we stuffed towels in to fill space – can you tell?! Didn’t think so 🙂

We had moved the desk off the far wall to make room for the bed and added it to the new wall, cleaning up the cords so it was tidy for buyers glancing into the room. Generally, I like to hide desks out of immediate sight from the doorway but because we didn’t have a full bed we wanted it to have as much visual weight as possible. This could only be accomplished by adding the whole bedroom set further away in the room so people could see the full picture.

We shopped the home for the side table and mirror – and we hung the art and added greener to add contrast. The client had a colourful pillow and soft blanket we were also able to utilize.

The other room we left as an office, moving the bike from the ‘bedroom’ to the office room.

Rocky Ridge Photo Ready Styling Master Bedroom

The client self-professed that they needed new bedding. In occupied staging, we only get to work with what exists in the space when it coms to linens, and so some creative bed-making is sometimes needed. In this case we used a white top sheet overtop of the dark green comforter to keep the room feeling light and bright. We then used a blanket and styling tray to pull interest away from the pillows (since not one was the same). We also shopped the linen closet for some matching pillowcases and pulled a few that were more neutral, layering them so you didn’t focus on the mismatch!

Small succulents on the bedside tables created symmetry.

And that’s that, folks! We accomplished so much in 1 hour and the space was spruced up beautifully. And a huge thank you to Stephanie for trusting me with her very first listing – and congrats on the quick sale!

And thank you to Ush Flynn Photo For the photos of this property and our hard work!