Stoneypoint Bearspaw Luxury Home Occupied stage

stoneypoint bearspaw stage kitchen styling calgary

Modern, warm, and metallic. This home was immaculate with high-end finishes and a custom design that you would expect in a home of this magnitude in bearspaw, Calgary. And we had the privilege of staging it.

Thank you so much to Stephanie D’Hondt for bringing us into her listing to bring it to life for photos and showings.

Stoneypoint Occupied Stage Entryway After

A grand entrance needs grand scale. We brought in a large mirror for the entryway console table and surrounded it with decor. Looking back at the photos I would have preferred to add a couple large books to boost the jar on the left and add a softer texture.

The nook is the first thing a buyer sees when they walk in the front door, and so we needed to give it a welcoming feel. To do this we added muted luxurious colour and texture through throw pillows and a large piece of complimentary art.

Entryway Before Styling

Stoneypoint Occupied Stage Mud Room After

The front entrance is important for first impressions and a ‘wow’ when buyers walk into the home. However the back entrance is close behind as this is where most families will enter once they live there, so they will be picturing themselves coming in and out of this space more regularly and will want it to feel like home.

We depersonalized the client’s items and minimized what was in the cubbies so buyers could picture their own coats. We also added pillows to the benches to welcome people into taking a seat and staying a while.

Mud Room Before Staging

Stoneypoint Occupied Stage Kitchen After

This kitchen was so versatile and spoke to the most glam or the most rustic buyer, and so it was our job to elevate it in a neutral way that would not skew that aesthetic one way or another.

We kept it simple with cookbooks, cutting boards, and oversized apothecary and candles. We also added a lovely little art moment on the workstation with an elevated canvas and orchids, leaning in the richness this home would bring to your lifestyle.

Kitchen Before Styling

Stoneypoint Occupied Stage Living Room After

I can’t stress enough the importance of area rugs in living rooms – look at this before and after. They feel like completely different spaces! Not only did we bring in soft touches through the rug, but we also carried that through to the pillows and blankets on the large heavy furniture. We also brought in more appropriately scaled art (actually, this art was part of Stephanie’s inventory and we were glad for it!), and larger-scale decor. To grasp the actual scale of this living room take a look at the coffee ‘table’ which is actually 4 fair sized coffee tables combined. Oversized is an understatement and we filled it with beautiful things that caught the eye and introduced a little more femininity.

Living Room Before Staging

Stoneypoint Occupied Stage Master Bedroom After

This primary room was… dull. It did not evoke any feeling of cuddling up, romance, relaxation, or any other mood you want for your room. It simply looked like a place to sleep. And so we brought in a number of soft textures to give it depth and make it feel like a place you want to spend time – lots of it.

Master Bedroom Before Staging

Stoneypoint Occupied Stage Master Ensuite After

Spa vibes are abundant in this luxury ensuite bathroom in Bearspaw – simply through its construction. But as all designers know, it is the decorating that really brings a space to life for their clients. We had a wonderful canvas to build off of and brought in lavender, apothecary jars filled with greenery, oversized jars and candles, and other natural elements to put the ‘aaaaah’ in ‘spaaaaah’ bathroom. lol!

Master Ensuite Before Styling

Stoneypoint Occupied Stage Office After

Snowstorm in Calgary? No worries, you can work from home in this bright and spacious home office. Complete with sophisticated decor and a layout that gives you the confidence to wear pajama pants on zoom without blinking.

Stoneypoint Occupied Stage Guest Bedroom After

The before and after may not look like the same room, but it is! We snagged the bedding from the basement bedroom and moved it to the top floor guest room (one of three). The other two rooms were very much like boys rooms and we wanted some female representation on the top floor. We really built this bedroom out to play that part and it is absolutely lovely and any (pre)/teen girl’s dream.

Guest Bedroom Before Staging

Stoneypoint Occupied Stage Basement After

Snuggle up by the fire and take in our beautiful decor why don’t you?

This basement was sprawling, and although it is hard to see in the distance, we built out an office desk, moving it more centered into the room. It had originally been pushed up to the wall and not helping to fill any space or give any perception of the room, so we fixed that.

Basement Before Staging

Stoneypoint Occupied Stage Basement Bedroom After

Here is the room we traded bedding with. This plaid really felt like it wanted to be here in the basement giving people cozy vibes that basement bedrooms crave. A little bit of styling and this room was no longer forgotten.

Basement Bedroom Before Staging