‘We moved the Stairs’: Kitchen Layout & Planning

Kitchen Floor Plan 2D

Our client and her boyfriend are very skilled DIY home renovators. They have opened up walls and even moved the stairs from the centre of the home to the back of their bungalow. They also plan to move the patio doors!

They wanted to keep the sink and dishwasher on the same wall so that they did not have to move the plumbing – so we worked around that parameter.

She contacted us to help her plan the layout for her new kitchen around the new location of the stairs. She simply said she did not have the design eye to visualize what would work in the space and so hired us to help her with the planning phase that they can then execute.

We followed up with a thorough write up explaining the recommended plan and a few bonus design ideas to get them started.

We cannot wait to see the final result!



(Mid renovation)

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