Trendy Black, White & Greenery – Walden Townhouse Occupied Stage

a peaceful kitchen that is bright and welcoming

Eye spy with my little eye, two golden pigs! Alex Hripko and I have an ongoing staging game where I add my 2 piggy candle sticks to her listings and this listing was no exception! It was such a trendy and modern place they felt right at home with a little bit of spunk. This black and white Walden townhome in Calgary just needed some updated decor and lots of greenery to bring it to life – and so that is just what we did.

Black and White Walden Townhouse Occupied Stage Living Room

The biggest change for this living room were the drapes. While we do not supply drapery, we do recommend changes for customers. In this case, we simply took down the red drapery and left the white sheers. This kept the white bright vibe throughout the rest of the house and allowed for a beautiful flow across the back wall.

And of course, we brought decor and pillows to add personality.

Living Room After

Living Room Before

Modern and Trendy Walden Townhouse Occupied Stage Dining Area

Oink Oink! Do you see them? These pigs made their way onto the little dining table, which was such a lovely pop of gold among the black, white and greenery. The art was also carefully selected to complete this vignette. And I don’t say ‘vignette’ lightly, as this dining area really because its own moment in this townhouse.

Dining Area After

Dining Room Before

Black, White & Greenery Walden Townhouse Occupied Stage Kitchen

We love a good shelfie style, and if you go far enough back on our Instagram you’ll find the reel of us styling these shelves! We removed the ‘bar’ and added more stylish decor and greenery. It took a while to find a nice balance of kitchen items and decorative textures to fill the spaces without having access to dishes, mugs, and other kitchen staples, but I love how it turned out. This kitchen really walked the line of trendy and modern, and zen.

Kitchen After

Kitchen Before

Black, White, & Greenery Walden Townhouse Occupied Stage Home Office

I am never a fan of showing guest rooms as a bedroom and an office. I like to pick one depending on the target audience and style of the home, and so in this case the Office won out. The homeowner removed the bed at our request and we worked with his office furniture to turn the whole space into a work studio. We sewed black, white, and greenery through this office too, and added little touches of decor to stage.

By putting the desk at an angle in the office, it filled more space (due to a lack of other furniture), and also made for a really impactful ‘command position’ – giving power to the room as an established office space.

Home Office After

Home Office Before

Modern Trendy Walden Townhouse Occupied Stage Primary Bedroom

When light bedding is an option, that is always the option we recommend. The homeowner understood the assignment when we asked if he had access to any lighter bedding and we were thrilled to show up to this option. We planned our decor perfectly and this room went from dark and red to trendy and modern with blues, whites, and creams – our favourite staging colours.

We brought in art, throw blankets and pillows, and decor.

Primary Bedroom After

Primary Bedroom Before

Black, White, & Greenery Bathroom

I don’t typically give bathrooms their own section in the project blogs… but the 1/2 maritime blood running through my veins really needed to share this lighthouse bathroom! I love the striped black and white shower curtain (very on brand), and we repurposed this art from another area of the home. And of course… greenery. It really just seemed like the perfect conclusion!

Bathroom after