Walden Townhouse Colourful Home Staging

colourful stage for calgary walden real estate townhouse

I was referred to these homeowners by a realtor who was new to Calgary and had found me on Instagram (yay marketing!). I worked directly with them to determine what their home needed in order to cater to the right audience and sell for more, faster. There was still lots of construction outside of this new development which was dusty and messy. Because of this we decided to lean into a colourul stage for this Walden property and give it a fresh, youthful look with bold colours and personality that would wow people when they walked in.

Walden Townhouse Living Room Staging

We began by having the homeowners remove one of the couches from the living room. Although it is great to show lot of seating, when the furniture overlaps it actually tells buyers that the space is too small for their furniture. We don’t typically rent furniture but really needed 2 chairs to replace the couch and my friend and fellow stager, Farhana of Dazzle Staging, rented me her brightest chairs – and WOW did they make a difference.

We brought in a very colourful area rug and lots of florals and colourful decor and pillows to stage this as a chic living room ready for a young couple or single person buying their first home.

Living Room Before

Walden Townhouse Kitchen and Dining Staging

Artwork was sparse in this house. It was great because there were no holes in the walls, and allowed us a blank canvas to choose the best pieces to draw the buyer’s eyes strategically around the room. We brought a fun fork canvas for the dining room and paired it with over-scaled dining room decor (since the light was hung so high). We love a good shelf and jumped at the opportunity to style the corner shelf with more pops of colour and some greenery to freshen the neutrals we had used in the dining room.

We also had some fun in the kitchen with a faux lemon tree and a more colourful cutting board and cake stand to continue our theme. Because the kitchen is smaller, we wanted to make each corner count!

Kitchen and Dining Before

Walden Townhouse Master Bedroom Staging

The homeowners were great and did not miss a beat when I suggested the bedding be changed out. They got to work and went shopping for a fresh white set that really brightened the room. We made the bed and added some colour full pillows and decor, including a bed tray, to tell more of a story. We also removed the corner shelves which accentuated the corners, making the room feel small. Sometimes (most of the time) less is more!

The biggest change though was the TV wall. We don’t recommend having TVs in bedrooms for staging, but when we removed it there was a large blank space that needed some attention! Along with the living room chairs, Farhana rented out a console table that we used in place of a dresser. This console allowed us to hang art so that the buyers could visualize a tv or a vanity in that space – whatever they were drawn to. We brought up the client’s faux fur pouf to stage it as a nod to the vanity story and styled it with pretty boxes and jars accordingly. This was a huge improvement.

Master Bedroom Before

Walden Townhouse Office Styling

Speaking of less is more, we moved much of the furniture out of this office so that the furniture did not detract from the space itself (which the buyer is buying after all). We carried our colourful theme up to the second level and didn’t miss a beat in this office!

*I was so excited to get to use my Marie Antoinette canvas!

Office Before