Wexford Estates Home – Occupied Stage

a large family hangout area styled to perfection. the flush bookshelves styled with decor, books and candles. the coffe table styled with a tray, beads, candles and moss.

This Wexford Estates homeowner was so impressed with the occupied staging, he said that if the house didn’t sell he wanted to buy all the furniture and decor we brought in (spoiler alert… it sold).

I want to first preface this project by saying that we no longer rent furniture for clients. In the cases where additional furniture is needed, we recommend clients and realtors go directly to Furniture Connection to rent. We are happy to consult on selection and be onsite for delivery to guide placement, but are not involved in organizing delivery or pickup of furniture.

Wexford Estates Occupied Stage Living Room

That Pillow!!!! Just when you think everything is perfectly set, a pillow slides down on the couch between when you leave and the photographer shows up. And now that that is out of the way… I can never stress rugs enough! Between rugs and art, many underperforming areas can be elevated. This Wexford Estate living room is a prime example.

By removing the outdated orange and red art and replacing it with something lighter and brighter, it helped to balance the light of the window. The area rug served to ground all the furniture and made the space feel larger and brighter. We also added new lamps, and our signature styling.

Living Room After

Living Room Before

Wexford Estates Occupied Stage Kitchen

When staging kitchens we like to keep things clean and minimal. By clearing off ‘every day’ items and replacing them with simple styled moments, we draw attention to the potential lifestyle of the kitchen rather than the preferences of the current homeowner.

Art also has a role to play in kitchens, especially with large empty walls.

Kitchen After

Kitchen Before

Wexford Occupied Stage Bonus Room

There are some spaces where Occupied Staging is not the best solution. Estate homes, such as this one in Wexford Estates, needed to suit the price point. This is when we recommend the homeowner rent replacement furniture. This homeowner was extremely receptive and accommodating and it paid off (the before pictures tell it all).

These amazing cognac chairs were originally in the dining room. Because we needed to show the dining room (not pictured) as a formal dining area for buyers with families, we brought these chairs up to the secondary living room to function as a more sophisticated sitting area (a far departure from what was there!). This bonus room was long so we needed to create two zones to show how the space could be allocated for different functions. I am thrilled with the couch that we selected and how it made a lost space feel elevated and whole. We brought in an area rug and art and decor to tie it all together and bring purpose to the space.

Bonus Room After

Bonus Room Before

Wexford Estates Occupied Stage Primary Bedroom

The primary bedroom is so important to a buyer’s experience in the home. It can be the most difficult to imagine themselves in since it is so personal to the seller. We need to make the bedroom feel as neutral as possible, in a way that feels relaxing and welcoming. I did not add before photos for this section as there were too many personal items shown. But I can tell you how we staged the space.

Firstly, we brought in an area rug for the end of the bed. Can you picture the room without it? Neither… it was like it was made to be there – and that is the point. We also added an oversized canvas above the bed to give height to the ceiling and bring in some cool tones (blue and brown look great together and are a nice compliment to modernize a room in an unassuming way).

For the bathroom, we kept things minimal and brought in light decor to accentuate the amazing features.

Primary Bedroom After

Wexford Estates Occupied Stage Kids Bedrooms

Even secondary and kids’ bedrooms have to make a statement, and a lot of that has to do with layout. For these two rooms, we moved the bed and all furniture around so that it filled the space and created a nice first impression. It is important to make sure no furniture is ever blocking windows if at all possible, and that the bed is center stage.

This is a great example of how ‘staging to live’ and ‘staging to sell’ can have such different needs. For the blue room, the daughter most likely wanted the large space to spread out and play and get ready – but it shows better for sale with the bed centred between the windows.

Kids Bedrooms After

Kids Bedrooms Before