Marketing for Real Estate Listings

A house is its own brand. It has its own identity and features and style and ‘vibe’. That brand is a huge selling feature for real estate marketing.

Take a look at the ultimate real estate marketers – The builders who sell entire communities and showhomes. They know how to sell houses en-masse and make each and every home feel like the perfect home for that buyer. And what is the first thing they do? Name them. This brings it to life and allows them to introduce a personality and a story that buyers can buy into, get excited about, and fall in love with!

Branding sells. It sells businesses, it sells people, and it sells homes. 

We take this brand and use it to guide all of the marketing materials for the sale. These are not your typical template marketing materials… These are custom-designed, personalized, share-worthy high-end marketing showstoppers created specifically for your listing. Even your client will want a copy!


    Luxury Real Estate Marketing
    (A-la-carte prices as listed)

    • House ‘personal brand’ strategy: $750
    • Landing page: $250
    • 24-hour feature sheet: $99
    • 12-Page Showcase: Feature Magazine: $900
    • Presentation package (folder & tri-fold brochure): $199
    • Digital open house invite: $99
    • Social media posts (9): $300 + $100 per additional platform


    Total Package: $2100 per listing ($497 savings) 

    House ‘personal brand’ strategy

    • A house will tell its own story and show off its brand. That said, it is crucial to fully hear that story and understand and translate that brand in a way that speaks to buyers. A strategy needs to be in place to ensure that all marketing materials effectively speak to the people that are most likely to pay top-dollar for the property. There is nothing worse than a ‘forced’ brand that has a huge disconnect when people enter the home. This strategy will lay the foundation for all of the marketing pieces to be harmonious and ensure that the transition from marketing to ‘showing’ is a smooth one that leads to a sale.

    Landing page

    • Eminem said it best when he told you you had ‘one shot, one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted in one moment’. It is pretty clear to us now that he was talking about custom landing pages for high-end homes. These landing pages are your first impression with potential buyers. They need to grab attention, tell the story of the brand, and get people excited to spend more than they expected on a home they now love. These pages need to get a ton of information to people in a short amount of time (and with limited space… literally one page). But these one-page landing pages are strong enough to really be your digital salesperson. So, are you going to capture it? Or let it slip away.

    24-hour feature sheet

    • Pretty straight forward, but not in a template kind of way. Your client’s luxury listing deserves more than a basic white feature sheet. Of course, content comes first and won’t be compromised in the name of design, but these clutch traditional marketing documents fit into the branding too.And we will still get you it in 24 hours!

    12-Page Showcase: Feature Magazine

    • While a one page feature sheet is great for quick facts, your high-end listing needs more than that to tell the story of the house and truly showcase the brand that people will be buying into. Our 12-page showcase features are beautifully designed, content-rich, sales-pieces that can be given out at buyer’s opens and to front-running potential clients that come in for private showings. 10 of the pages are used to welcome the client into their ideal lifestyle, while the centerfold is saved for your #1 bust property image to wow on a double page spread.
      Don’t be surprised if the new owners keep it as a coffee table book!

    Presentation Package (Tri-fold Brochure & Folder)

    • A tri-fold brochure acts as a recap of the neighborhood with a branded map of features that would be of interest to the target buyer.
    • Branded folders displayed in your open house give interested buyers a place to hold their brochure, feature sheets, your business card, and any other notes they took from their walkthrough. These are a large-format branding opportunity with a visual pop from afar.

    Digital Open House Invite

    • Have a select few realtors or client’s that need to see your high-end listing? Send them digital branded open house invitations to ensure they get the memo. These digital open house invites match all of the other branding materials so that there is an instant connection with the house the moment the check the site or walks in the door.

    Social Media Posts

    • Posts can easily get lost in the feed, especially when they all start to look the same. We create a custom content grid specific for your listing so that the branding can shine through your digital marketing efforts. These posts marry your existing realtor brand with the custom brand of the listing so they stand out and garner attention.

      9 Social media posts: include images, content, and hashtags (just listed, for sale, ‘about’, 4x house images, open house, sold)


    • Internal Signage: $199
    • Home showcase event planning: Custom Quote