DEpersonalize, Redesign & StagE for Sale

Let’s prep that house for sale!

This is one of our absolute favourite services to help clients with. It’s both freeing and beautiful and it brings people money!



It is important to remember that staging a house is a fine balance between clearing away all
personal belongings so other people can picture their own stuff there, while not clearing away all
personality that makes the house feel like a home.

It is a thin line to walk, and we are tightrope walkers.

We will start by using our tried and true decluttering method to help you sort through what needs to come with you and what can be tossed/donated/sold before the move. There is nothing worse than packing up items you end up getting rid of when you unpack them anyway – what a waste of time and space (and money)!

  • space planning
  • visual flow
  • focal point emphasis
  • magazine-quality styling

We’ll help you pick out what should stay on the shelves to be used for staging. 
We utilize your existing furniture and decor to showcase your home in its best light and supplement with trendy decor when necessary. 

REDESIGN (Optional)

 It is amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do to a space. And even more amazing what a few cosmetic upgrades can fetch as a price increase on the market. In order to get more money for your house when you sell, you need to upgrade to the current trends and spruce up areas that have been ignored. This is not to say that you need to completely flip the house! Some of the biggest impact upgrades are actually the easiest:


  • Fresh paint (most often a neutral colour, unless part of a larger design strategy)
  • Wallpaper feature walls
  • Kitchen backsplash
  • Bathroom vanity
  • Light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, and bathroom mirrors
  • Carpet removal & Flooring installation
  • Bay window bench
  • Built-in breakfast nook


We recommend a few hand-picked professional handymen and contractors to tackle redesign
projects and ensure that they are bringing the most value to your home as possible. That said, we will work with anyone you choose to hire.


Our redesign & staging services are intended to increase the perceived value of your home, and/or shorten the amount of time on the market. We keep all ‘for sale’ designs clean, modern, and predominantly neutral, but we are not afraid of adding colour and pattern to target a specific buyer willing to pay more for this dream home.


Initial Consultation: $145

Staging: $80/hr

Interior Decorating (redesign): $90/hr


For sale? SOLD!


  • Cosmetic home upgrades & project management
  • Design Strategy
  • Decluttering & packing excess
  • Space and furniture planning
  • Repurpose decorating & staging
  • Access to Unshelf rental decor