Room Planning & Unpacking

You’ve just opened the door to your new house, the boxes are ready to be moved in, the
excitement for your new life is at an ultimate high, and… the vastness of the open space hits
you like the philosophical dilemma of our place in this universe.

Who are you? Where are you?
And where on earth should you put the couch?!

Too far? Sorry.

Let’s just say that moving day is a whole lot easier when you’ve planned out  your new home. The best way to do this is to create a scaled floor plan of each zone, draw in the furniture arrangement, and use it to direct the movers on moving day.

After everything is where it should be, we get to unpack! This is by far the most exciting time of a move (don’t groan, it’s true!).

Unpacking is the opportunity to finally enjoy your life’s work, prized possessions, and everything that you’ve been without for too long! But packing isn’t just 1) open box, 2) shove in drawer/closer/cupboard, 3) close drawer/closer/cupboard forever. No! We want to create sustainable systems that will help you keep your new home organized and stress-free for years to come! By implementing these systems AS we unpack, we set you up for future success while getting the most done now.


– Initial Consultation: $145

Packing/Organizing & Unpacking: $75/hr



  • 3 hour minimum ($80/hr)
  • Space planning (with floor plan) – $200 per room
  • Unpacking, organizing, and sustainable system creation


  • Design Strategy: $500
  • Look book: $99