Upgrades & occupied STAGING

Your clients have lived in and loved their house for years… and it shows. Times change, tastes change, and buyers are looking for ‘turnkey’ if they are going to pay top dollar.


1. First and foremost, we need to help your client declutter and pack up any excess stuff. 

2. Then we need to arrange the furniture in a way that looks the best for the space. 

3. Lastly, we will use your client’s best decor and stage the home (occupied staging), supplementing in some of our own decor if needed. 

Staging Services: $75 per hour (includes $5/hr realtor discount)


‘House optimization’ is a form of physical marketing. You can create a beautiful brand for the house that fills your private showings, but when people get there… if they are less than impressed… it is a waste of everyone’s time.


1. We do a design consultation to discuss which upgrades will make the biggest impact on a potential sale. 

2. We create a ‘look book‘ that is targeted specifically to the ideal buyer (read: target audience). When targeted, the right buyers will come in and feel the home was made for them, and will be willing to spend more because their dream is already a reality.

3. We work with your client to declutter and pack any excess furniture/decor/housewares.

4. We bring in the people we need to fulfill the redesign, from painters and wallpaper installers, to handymen and tilers.

5. We optimize the placement of the remaining furniture and stage and decorate the home so it is ready for photos and showings.

Design Services: $90 per hour


DIY Clients?

For more price sensitive or DIY-driven clients, we also offer a DIY staging strategy that they can implement themselves to get their house ready for sale.

Realtor special pricing: $225 (save $50) 


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