Oh… my… DECOR. 

I am beyond excited to share this news! 

Unshelf Design has experienced so much success selling styled vignettes and consignment services online and at local calgary markets (thanks to all of you!), that the writing on the wall became very clear… 

We NEEDED a new retail consignment store in Calgary to meet the demand and make our services even more accessible. 

So, without further adieu, please allow me to re-introduce Unshelf as… 

Unshelf Design & Boutique!


Boutique Decor Consignment in Calgary

elephant vignette


Unshelf Boutique will house exclusively quality and trendy secondhand (thrifted and consigned) home goods, including, but certainly not limited to: 

  • Faux florals
  • Decor
  • Artwork 
  • Curated, designer-styled vignettes (aka: bundles of complementary pieces)
Unshelf Boutique Floorplan

Our retail store will be beautifully designed and offer a unique shopping experience. What’s more, our doors are open to anyone looking to drop off their modern, trendy decor for consignment (see consignment details).

Additionally, the attached ‘design lab’ will act as a formal space for in-person client meetings and design workshops for the public. 

There are even plans for a ‘decor den’, which will regularly host rotating local artisans.


pink faux flower vignette

As a home stager and interior decorator, I am a part of my client’s lives during big transitions and transformations. A part of this means letting go of existing items to make room for new (or to downsize). My clients look to me to help them find homes for the items that they no longer need, much of which is decor – items that are beautiful but not sentimental and will no longer fit the scheme. 

With decor there were really only a few options. 1) consign it to a store that does not specialize in decor and is often not taking new items, 2) try to sell it on marketplace and all the hassle that comes with that, 3) simply donate it and take the loss.

None of these options were perfect and I wished for a store that would specialize in decor. Not only would my client’s be able to consign to a place that could properly showcase their items, but Calgarians could find new unique and sustainable pieces for their new homes/designs easily and affordably. So… I decided to create it!


When choosing a space for the boutique, I really took accessibility for the city into consideration, and I wanted my store to be compatible with neighbouring businesses.

Needless to say, our store location has me thrilled. 

storefront streetview

Unshelf Boutique will be located in the Center On Eighth building off of Blackfoot, alongside some great furniture and fixings stores.

3411 8th street SE, Calgary AB


October 2022!

We will be hosting a launch event with gifts, discounts, and prizes when we open our doors – you definitely won’t want to miss it.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for updates on Unshelf’s website and socials (@unshelf.design) and follow along as we build out the space and share behind-the-scenes footage of the build-out!

social media

What Does This Mean for Unshelf’s Design and Occupied Staging Services? 

Only that they will be better than ever! 

Unshelf Design will continue to work closely with residential clients to create unique spaces with carefully curated touches that express and elevate. The addition of Unshelf Boutique rounds off the holistic approach to redesigning and selling homes.

Our 4 main service offerings are still:


Unshelf Design & Boutique will remain committed to providing the highest quality design and staging service to our past, current, and future clients. 

Whether the goal is to re-love your home or sell for more money, faster, we are dedicated to transforming spaces through expert design services. 

I’ve long desired to see a local boutique in the city like the one we’ve built, and I feel so grateful to be the one to create this new retail store in Calgary – the place I was born and raised (yup! A rare one!).

chic vignette

Unshelf Boutique will offer sustainable and extremely affordable designer-curated decor, creating a shopping experience that feels high-end, yet is accessible and welcoming for all.  

Perhaps more importantly, we’ve partnered with WINS (Women In Need Society) to donate what we choose not to keep or do not sell, so it is also charitable to consign with us!

I can’t wait to open our doors and share the space with you! 

Questions? We’d love to hear from you! Contact us.