If you are looking to create an attractive display to draw an emotional response from potential buyers, or are seeking assistance on enhancing the visual quality of your home to increase the perceived value of your home before you list, then home staging is for you! According to Homelight.com, “83% of agents say that a staged home will sell faster than an unstaged home.” 

Are you a realtor or a homeowner looking to sell and are interested in understanding home staging so you can sell for more, faster? There are a number of services designed for various price-points, hands-on support required, and requirement for ‘redesign’ – and these prices will vary from city to city. That said, there are similarities across Canada, and this blog should help you understand what is available if you are in Calgary, Alberta!

DIY Staging Consultation

Do you like to pack and organize and style, but don’t know what buyers are looking for? It can be difficult to look at your home and pinpoint flaws or see your family momentos as ‘clutter’ when you’ve been immersed in it so long. With the DIY Staging Consultation service, we will come to your home and help identify areas that could use improvement, offer advice on how to enhance the layout and style of a space, and ‘edit’ elements that may turn a buyer away. 

Join me for 2 hours and ‘walk and talk’ about how you can get your home show-ready: all for the price of $250.

Photo-Ready Styling

Photography for Real Estate identified that home buyers were spending roughly 124 hours searching for homes and “32% of homes with high-quality photographs sell faster than those without visuals.” Yes, we all know that – but WHAT is being photographed? Stunning photos can only do so much to ‘hide’ the subject. You need your home styled perfectly to be eye-catching, unforgettable, and visually appealing to show off each space in its best light. The less styled, the more likely people are to focus on the flaws.

In our Photo-Ready Styling package, we spend 1 hour in your home styling (décor, artwork, pillows, blankets, etc.) with your existing items to make the space beautiful on a budget, for only $250!

Occupied Staging

CNBC found that staged homes sell for 6% MORE than the asking price of the home!

Our Occupied Staging package ensures that you are set to put your home on the market and get the best price possible as soon as possible. Our Occupied Staging includes a customized staging plan, setup/styling prior to photos, first 30 days of accessory and artwork rentals, and de-staging. This service prepares the home for both photographs and showings, and is styled to showcase only the best parts of the home! 

This package is $649 with the option of additional hours ($80/hour) and additional rental fees for specific décor and furnishings as needed. 

‘Skip the Flip’ Resale Redesign

This is what I like to call, ‘Skip-the-Flip’ because you don’t need to do a whole ‘house flip’ to make a huge impact on the sale price of your home. Resale Redesigns (or lipstick renovations) are the best way to ensure your biggest asset gets every dollar it can out of the area and market it is in. As a part of this service we take those outdated and worn rooms and cosmetically upgrade them in a way that gets the best return on your investment. 

Did you know? Upgrades can be done to a home without any demolition! You can increase the value of your home through the addition of new light fixtures, fresh paint, new floors, upgraded appliances, and beautiful staging. 

This package is for sellers who want to get the most money for their home and are willing to put in a little investment to achieve that. Resale Redesign’s focuses on the big impact areas (ex. kitchen, main bedrooms, etc.) and kicks off with a consultation at $175.


Selling your home is only one part of the equation (and only half of the stress/excitement). Sellers often become buyers and the whole process of moving out of one home and into the other is a huge undertaking. Our Full-Service Home Staging package is the ALL-inclusive solution that has home staging AND home decorating, stress free! We declutter and style your old home so that it is in the best shape possible to be placed on the market. Next, we will head to your NEW home and unpack methodically and design a new and inviting space that you deserve for this next part of your journey! Initial consultation is $175, decluttering and staging is $80/hour, and interior decorating is $100/hour.

Aging Parent Downsizing Prep

The emotional and physical toll that comes with aiding a parent with moving can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be with a little preparation. Instead of stressing over your parent’s care and managing the workload of downsizing, packing, and sorting, we take care of that while you create positive memories with your family. The Aging Parent Downsizing Prep service is a way to focus on the relationship by giving yourselves time to acknowledge the past, reminisce over hidden gems, and release together, with the help of professional ‘editors’. 

For this package, the initial consultation is $175 and packing and organizing is $80/hour.

Get the most out of your home with staging services that will enhance the buyer’s mood in your rooms, the selling price of your house, and the short time spent on the market! Ready to get styling? Send me a note, let’s book your free call, and get to work!