How many conversations have you had around a stunning centrepiece? Well-designed, carefully placed centrepieces invite friends and family to gather and share. 

They’re also the perfect opportunity to showcase your creativity and personal style.

Creating a centrepiece that captivates requires finesse. And that’s where our Centrepiece Design Workshop comes into play.

If you’re ready to transform your everyday spaces into conversation hubs (in a way that enhances your home’s ambiance), join Unshelf Design and guest speaker, Crystal Niznik of Crystal Home Styling, for some serious centrepiece inspo.

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Centrepiece Design Basics

Crystal Home Styling festive centerpiece

Every centrepiece tells a story, and yours should be no different. But before you jump into the creation process, take a second to ask yourself:

  • Where is my piece going to live?
  • Does it need to be easily relocated?
  • What is my home’s style?

Questions like this help set the stage for your centrepiece to shine. 

Centrepiece Design Building Blocks

To build a killer centrepiece, you need some essential pieces: 

centrepiece design


When it comes to plants, nothing beats the real deal. But faux plants have their place too, especially in high-traffic areas. Where do you stand?

Floral arrangements are the ultimate centrepieces. Make sure to watch our Faux Floral Arrangement Workshop!


Aka, your centrepiece’s foundation. They keep everything neat and make moving your centrepiece a breeze.


Smooth, shiny, soft—it’s all fair game. Variety is the key to a layered look. Mix glass vases with stone decor, fabric-wrapped books, and matte candles, for example.


Asymmetry makes things look naturally cool. Play around with different heights to get that perfect balance.

Curious to see how all these elements come together? Tune into our Centrepiece Design Workshop to see exactly how these ideas come to life. We’ll show you how to pick, mix, and match everything to get a centrepiece that’s just right for your space.

centrepiece from shoot

Centrepiece Design Style

This workshop will show you how to nail both formal and functional styles, but here’s a quick summary of what they are:

Formal Centerpieces

centrepiece arrangement

These are the “untouchables”. The centrepiece equivalent of that fancy living room your grandma never let anyone sit in. They’re all about the look, maybe not so much about everyday use. 

Functional Centerpieces

Functional centrepieces are not just there to look pretty. They’re built to work. With items like books you’re reading or candles you actually light, we like these centrepieces to live on trays so you can move them easily when you need to.

We’ll also give you the lowdown on two of the most popular centrepiece design types—dining and coffee table—but you’ll just have to tune into the workshop to get those hot tips!

Holiday Centrepiece Design

When it comes to festive holiday centrepieces, finding the sweet spot between “just right” and “too much” is how you win. The key is balancing mood and theme. 

Crystal Home Styling christmas centerpiece
  • Mood sets the emotional tone, like soft pastels and fresh greenery for a spring vibe.
  • Theme is about specific symbols. Think cute ceramic bunnies for Easter. 

Make sure your Christmas decor is on point this year by watching our Christmas Tree Decorating and Fireplace Mantle Decorating workshops.

This sneak peek is the tip of the iceberg. By checking out the full Centrepiece Decorating Workshop, you gain access to professional styling advice, methods, and inspiration that will elevate your centrepiece design. 

We work hard at Unshelf to provide an extensive selection of both online and in-person workshops to cater to all your DIY interior design projects. Keep your eyes peeled on our Workshop Library so you don’t miss any! 

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