It can’t be just me who feels the holidays aren’t soul-deep until the Christmas tree comes out. It’s a magical, slightly chaotic time where you either drag a giant plant into your living room or wrestle a box from the attic that’s always heavier than you remember. Whether you love relishing in piney scents on team fresh trees or prefer the faux tree life (zero judgment here), there’s something undeniably nostalgic and enchanting about the whole tradition.

But how can something that we do every year feel so overwhelming? Is tinsel still in? How many lights are too many lights? What exactly do you do with those giant ornaments? 

At Unshelf, we are all about classic timeless designs, and so we’ve created an ‘evergreen’ Christmas Tree Decorating workshop to help you find the joy in not only the result of your tree decorating, but the process too.

This blog serves as a teaser to our full, detailed workshop, which is available online now. In it, we discuss the essentials of tree decoration, from the selection of your tree to that crowning glory at the top. It’s a must-watch for the holidays – no matter your style. 

Watch the full Christmas tree decorating workshop now!

Choosing Your Christmas Tree

To start your Christmas tree decorating, you’ll first need a Christmas tree to, well… decorate.

Fresh & Faux Trees

christmas tree decorating

A fresh Christmas tree comes with a sparkle of allure. There’s something about a real tree that just feels Christmas-y. 

On the other hand, just because a tree is faux doesn’t mean it can’t be fab. Faux Christmas trees offer a great plug-and-play option that can last you many Christmases. 

Our Christmas tree decorating workshop provides you with a comprehensive pros and cons list for each option, along with helpful tips for maintenance and selection (like how to avoid the ‘Charlie Brown Christmas Tree’ look unintentionally).

Preparing for Christmas Tree Decorating

Before you even think about tinsel and baubles, you have to set the stage. A little prep goes a long way in transforming your tree, and our workshop gives you the ultimate essentials checklist of everything that you’ll need for decorating. We cover how to properly set up your tree’s base and arrange your string lights for even distribution. 

(Oh, and here’s an important freebie – whether you go with a fresh or faux tree, go with LED lights to minimize any potential fire hazards).

After the workshop leaves you prepped and primed, it’s time to get into the fun stuff.

Check out our full selection of online and in-person online workshops and let your inner interior designer shine!

Selecting a Theme

Dressing up your tree is more than slapping on some lights and hanging ornaments at random (although, hey, if that’s your style, you do you). Choosing a theme transforms your Christmas tree into a stunning centrepiece that complements your home’s decor, reflects your personal style, and hugs you and your family, wrapping you with light and joy.

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In this workshop, you’ll learn how to match your tree to your home’s decor and explore popular decorating themes including traditional and glam.

Decorating Like a Pro

Once the workshop has covered all the prep steps, it’s showtime! We’ll walk you through how to turn your Christmas tree into a holiday masterpiece by showing you how to best utilize Christmas tree decor like garland, tinsel, ornaments, ribbons, and sentimental items. 

Did you know you can get some incredible Christmas decorations second hand? Learn why you should always shop for second hand decor.

And just like that, we’ve journeyed through a quick tour into the festive world of Christmas tree decorating. From choosing the ideal tree to selecting a theme that complements your home’s aesthetic, you’ll get everything you need in our Christmas tree decorating workshop. 

christmas tree decorating bows

While a beautifully decorated tree is a sight to behold, the real magic of this season lies in the process itself. The laughter, the occasional tangle of lights, the reminiscing over each ornament – these are the moments that make this tradition truly special. Christmas tree decorating provides an opportunity to slow down, savour the moment, and create lasting memories.

If your excitement has been officially sparked, get our workshop and learn everything you need to know for the best in Christmas tree decorating! 

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