prepping faux flowers

Your humble abode should be a personal sanctuary that blossoms with life and colour. 

And what better way to infuse vibrancy into your space than with flowers? 

With busy schedules and city living, not everyone has access to farm-fresh florals every day (or even the light to sustain them). So how do you keep your home looking lively, season after season, without the constant upkeep?

If you want to fill your rooms with beautiful blooms that last, our Faux Floral Arrangement Workshop is your secret green thumb! 

In collaboration with guest floral artist Jacqueline from Blossoms YYC, this online seminar will teach you how to find joy and beautify your home with faux flowers that are as good (or maybe even better) than the real thing. 

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Why Fresh Floral Arrangements?

Even though this workshop highlights faux blooms, fresh flowers always deserve their… flowers. They naturally brighten rooms with their colour and scent, but they obviously require more care and fade a lot quicker than their not-real counterparts.

We’ll touch on the best spots to place fresh florals, how to care for them, and tips for choosing blooms that are cost-effective and last longer. 

Why Faux Floral Arrangements?

faux florals in store

Faux florals shine in places where real ones might not. They’re ideal for hard-to-reach spots, areas with little light (like that dimly lit bookcase), or where you want a constant splash of colour with minimal upkeep.

Quality matters when it comes to faux flower arrangements. You don’t necessarily want to give up your ‘little secret’ that easily, and poor quality faux blooms will do just that. 

In this workshop, you’ll get tips for choosing higher-end faux flowers for main attractions and more economical options for fillers to create a natural, lush look. 

(We’ll even be letting you in on our fave places to shop for faux flowers).

Vases, Containers, & Styling Tips

You don’t have to be conventional here – almost anything can be a vase! From mason jars to water pitchers, the right vessel can really elevate your arrangement. We’ll show you some of our favourite vases and containers and share important considerations for choosing your vessels. 

pink faux flowers

The workshop will end with styling tips for creating a balanced look and how to mix a variety of flowers and greenery for visual interest, depth, and movement.

Watch our Faux Floral Arrangement Workshop now and let your space radiate with the beauty of eternal blooms!

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